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Welcome new Yellow Jackets! We are buzzing with excitement to have you as part of our campus and residential community. We know that exploring your housing options is an important part of deciding to come to Georgia Tech - find links below for information on how Housing & Residence Life facilities and our team can make Georgia Tech not just a campus, but a home for you!

Housing applications for incoming first-year students for the Academic Year 2022-23 is now closed. Check back here in fall for details on the application process for 2023-24.

Apply Now

Applying for Housing

Step 1: Complete the application by signing the Housing Contract in the My Housing Portal

  • You must electronically sign the Housing Contract and submit your Housing Application to secure housing. Note - if you are under 18 years old at the time of application, a parent, guardian, or guarantor must sign your housing contract to complete the application.

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Step 2: Roommate and Room Selection

  • Select a Roommate
  • Select a Room 
    • Room selection numbers are assigned in the order applications are completed. The earlier you apply, the more options you’ll have.

Step 3: Room Swap

  • Room Swap
    • A room swap means two students agree to switch rooms and perform the swap online themselves.

Important Application Process Dates

Spring 2023

Application Open: October 11, 2022

General Self-Assign: November 17 - December 5

FYSA Roommate Selection Deadline: November 15

FYSA Receive Room Assignment: by November 30

Academic Year 2023-2024

Application Open: January 2023

Transfer Applications Open: March 2023

Summer 2023

Transfer Applications Open: March 2023

iGniTe: January 2023


Your Housing Options

We have 47 Residence Halls on campus, each with it's own personality and perks. We know your choice of hall may also depend on other factors. We invite you to explore the details of our residence halls and take a virtual tour and choose the best option for you.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Living Learning Communities

First-Year Experience (FYE)*

Explore Residence Halls

*All first-year residents participate in FYE. There is no additional fee.