Parking, Bicycles, and Campus Transit

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Bicycle Registration enables the GTPD to identify your bike and contact you in the event that the bicycle is recovered after being lost or stolen. If you believe your bicycle has been stolen, please contact GTPD at 404-894-2500.


End of Semester – All students will need to secure their bicycles at the end of the semester. If you are leaving Georgia Tech Housing, do not forget to take your bike with you. If you are going to live in housing for the upcoming semester, look for signage related to removal dates over the summer. While removals take place temporarily store your bike in your room. All remaining bicycles will be removed from all storage rooms and racks adjacent to residence halls and stored for 30 days before being donated.


There are several options for storage of bicycles in and around Housing buildings:

  • Some residence halls have bicycle storage rooms within the building. Ask your staff member if your building has one.
  • Bicycle storage racks are located near various residence halls throughout campus.
  • Securing bicycles to hand rails at any location can impede the safe evacuation of areas and is prohibited. In addition, bicycles are not to be secured to trees, lampposts or any landscape location. Bicycles may be impounded if you do so.
Retrieval (Impoundment)

To inquire about a bicycle that has been removed contact Tara Adams at

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These vehicles must be parked in those areas designated by Parking and Transportation. Violations include, but are not limited to, ticketing, removal and impounding.

For more information concerning parking motorcycles, mopeds or other forms of transportation, go to the Parking and Transportation website

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