Student Job Opportunities

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Whether you are interested in joining our team immediately or next academic year, we are glad you are interested in serving the Georgia Tech residential community. We hire students to serve both as Resident Assistants who live in the halls and serve a dedicated group of residents AND Student Assistants for our Area Office. Explore below to learn more about your student employment opportunities with Housing and Residence Life. 

The 2023-24 RA application is closed. The 2024-25 RA application will open in October. Check back here for more details. We appreciate your interest in making community happen in our halls!

Office Student Assistant

Looking to Serve the Community Another Way? 

Area Office Student Assistants are Georgia Tech students who assist in the daily operations of the Community Housing Offices. Student Assistants are supervised by the Office Managers, who provide guidance and direction on daily tasks that support the housing community. Student Assistants will also work to assist Hall Directors, Area Managers, Assistant Directors, or other Professional Staff in Housing and Residence Life. 

Job Duties

  • Provide customer service to students, staff, campus partners, and contractors
  • Issue keys to residents and staff, key audits, key racking 
  • Assist students with Lockouts/key issues
  • Clerical duties as assigned
  • Assist with move-in/out


  • Be a part of a team!
  • Serve as a campus resource
  • Strengthen your interpersonal skills
  • Flexible work hours, conveniently located near your on-campus space
  • Early move-in for those working opening and living on-campus

Whether you are interested in joining our team immediately or next academic year, we look forward to talking with you about serving the Georgia Tech community as an Area Office Student Assistant. The 2021-2022 Area Office Student Assistant application is now open, and positions will be filled on a rolling basis.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) are students who serve in the residence halls as a resource for their residents. The main function of an RA is to build community and relationships with residents in an effort to provide programming, individualized support, campus resource information, and academic encouragement.  

RAs are available to provide general information and support and make appropriate referrals as needed. RAs also have responsibility for residential safety within the residence halls. RAs also function as liaisons between residents and the administration. There are six primary areas of responsibility:

  • Promote and Support the Health and Safety of Residents
  • Facilitate the Development of Community
  • Develop Individual Relationships with Residents
  • Be a Productive Member of the Staff Team
  • Foster Intentional Learning and Development of Residents
  • Develop and Demonstrate Positive and Ethical Leadership and Professional Skills

Interested applicants should attend one of our open houses. Hear stories from four current RAs.

Resident Assistant Fall 2023- Spring 2024 Selection Process

  1. Information Session: All students who intend to apply should review the Information Session at the top of this page prior to starting their applications. The video covers details and qualifications for the RA position. At any time, you may email questions to if you still have questions after watching the information sessions and reviewing the FAQ. 
  2. Application: Applications will be available online in the MyHousing portal on Oct. 31, 2022, at 8 a.m. EST. Applications will be open until 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 7, 2022.  By applying you are authorizing the department to do a grade and conduct check with Georgia Tech through Banner and the Office of Student Integrity. Applications are located under the employment tab once you log in to your MyHousing page.
  3. Interview:  After submission of a completed application we will review your grades and conduct status as well as score your application. Successful candidates will be cleared to participate in a 45-minute online interview. Interview sign-up information will be emailed to successful candidates on Jan. 13, 2023, by end of business, 5 p.m. EST.
    1. ​​​We utilize an online sign-up program that allows for flexibility up until 5 p.m. the day before our interviews begin.
    2. Be sure to input your GT email address ( into the system as our interviews will be on MS Teams and also to receive a reminder. The committee will not send reminders.
    3. Not all who submit applications are offered an interview. Please review your application essay questions with care.
  4. Candidate Offers: Selected candidates will be able to view their offers on Feb. 18, 2023, at 5 p.m. EST. Candidates will receive one of three offers: a primary placement offer, an alternate offer, or a no offer. Students that receive the primary position offer will not learn of their community placement until later in the semester and their room/apartment assignment at a later date. Candidates must accept or decline their offers by 5 p.m. EST on Feb. 21, 2023.

Students Currently in our Alternate Pool

If you are interested in being an RA for the 2023-24 year you must apply again. 

If you received an alternate offer for 2022-23, it is possible we will still be hiring candidates for the Spring 2023 year from the current alternates. 

If You Are Abroad, Out-of-Town, Co-op

If you are abroad during the Spring 2023 term, or co-oping out-of-town, and wish to be an RA for 2023-24, you will need to apply for the position onlineCandidates who are abroad or co-oping out-of-town in Spring 2023 will be invited to a 45-minute, online interview. All interview times sent will be in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

RA Application Resources & FAQs

Thanks for your interest in the RA position. Please review the following documents and FAQs for information about the RA position. If you have additional questions please email us at

A PDF viewer may be required to view these documents. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

RA Selection Process FAQs:Applications and Qualifications

Where can I find the application?

The application opens October 31, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. EST. It is accessible to any degree seeking Georgia Tech student when they log into the My Housing portal and then look at the employment tab. If you do not have a GTID or you have not been accepted into a degree seeking program at Georgia Tech you are not eligible to apply. 

What is the deadline to apply?

You must complete and submit your application by 11:59 p.m. on December 7, 2022 to be considered for the 2023-24 position. 

I am an alternate RA for this year, do I need to apply again?

Yes, being an alternate for the 2022-23 does not make you eligible for 2023-24. You must re-apply for the 2023-24 year.

I am currently an RA, do I need to apply for 2023-24?

Yes, anyone that wants to be an RA in 2023-24 needs to apply. 

Are you hiring for Spring 2023?

Candidates for Spring 2023 were identified through our last selection process. We are currently not seeking applications for Spring 2023. 

How many hours do I have to enroll in to be an RA?

RAs must be full-time, degree seeking Georgia Tech students. For undergraduates you have to enroll in 12 hours for the Fall and Spring terms and 6 for the Summer if you are an RA in Summer. For graduate students you must enroll in 9 hours for Fall and Spring and 3 credits for the Summer term. 

Are the Open Houses optional?

Yes, open houses are optional. We are hosting 4 open houses in an effort to build opportunities for you to get questions answered in-person. Open House dates and locations are at the top of this page. Open houses are informal events where you can meet current RAs and ask questions. Hall Directors from the various areas will also be present to answer questions. 

Are there any information sessions this year?

We have moved our information sessions online this year, so you can watch them at a time that is convenient for you at the top of this page.

The application won't load my essay answer. What do I do?

The essay field is big enough for 1 to 2 standard paragraphs. Please be sure to avoid contractions, bullets, or special symbols as those do not export properly into our scoring applications. Simply copying your answers to the notepad can help the cut/paste be cleaner.    

How do I know my application was submitted correctly? 

 After you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email.

When will you check grades?

We will do the grade and conduct checks in after the application closes in December, before offers are made in February, and at the end of each academic semester. If you are eliminated from the process you will receive an email from staff selection. 

When will I hear about an interview?

Applications are scored in December and interview offers are sent out via the to candidates with successful applications who meet the GPA and conduct standards in early January.  


FAQs: Co-ops, Internships, and Other Employment

Can I co-op or intern off-campus and be an RA?

Yes, as long as you register full-time for your internship or co-op you can also be an RA as long as the internship or co-op is through an off-campus employer and the co-op is within 25 miles of campus. 

Can I co-op at GTRI and be an RA?

Campus policy restricts undergraduates from working more than 8 hours for any other department on campus when you are an RA. Because GTRI is 40 hours a week and considered an on-campus employer, you are unable to do both.

Can I work a second job while I am an RA?

If you are an undergraduate, campus policy restricts undergraduates to 20 hours of week. With your Hall Director approval, you can work up to 8 hours in another department.

I am a graduate student who has a GRA or GTA. Can I still be an RA?

If you are a graduate student, as you are not eligible to receive the stipend, housing does not use any of your on-campus appointment. This allows you to be both an RA and GTA/GRA concurrently. 


FAQs: Reasons to Consider Canceling Your Application

I have changed my mind and no longer want to be an RA.

Please log back into the My Housing Portal and cancel your application as soon as you have changed your mind. This will remove you from our applicant list so that you will no longer receive email updates and communication.  

My GPA has fallen below the 2.5 threshold. What should I do?

Please log back into the My Housing Portal and cancel your application, but know it will not impact future application cycles. 

My institute status has changed.

If you are no longer in good standing academically, financially or for conduct reasons, please log back into the My Housing Portal and cancel your application in the system. 

I cannot attend Fall training. Can I still apply to be an RA?

No. If you cannot attend Fall training, then you should not apply. Training is mandatory for all RAs.

I received a great out-of-town internship offer for Fall or Spring that I just can't turn down. What should I do?

Please log back into the My Housing Portal and cancel your application. You must be available for both the Fall and Spring term to be considered for the RA position. 


FAQs: Offers

When will you send out offers?

Our 2023-24 will be placed into the My Housing portal on February 18, 2023 by 10:00 a.m. To view your offer, go to , and then click on MyHousing Portal and log in. Then, manage your “student employment” tab.

If I don’t want to work in the area you offer, can I decline and stay in the pool?

No. Candidates are given one offer to join our team where we feel your skills and talents will best serve our residents. If you decline the offer, you are no longer eligible to be an RA and cannot be placed in the alternate pool. 

Can I pick what building I work in?

No, we build teams based on skill sets and community needs. You will receive one offer. If you turn it down you are no longer eligible for other offers.  

When do I have to decide on an offer?

You must accept your offer through the  My Housing portal by Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 5 p.m. ET 

What if I forgot to respond?

Any offers that have not been accepted by the deadline will be marked as declined. Please check your My Housing portal, specifically under the employment page after 5:00 p.m. on February 18.

If I get an offer, can I pull in a roommate?

If you are offered a position in our apartment-style housing, in February, 2023, you can request to pull in one roommate into your apartment. That student must have already applied for housing, not be on the waitlist, and you must mutually confirm each other by Friday, February 24, 2023,by 5 pm. If you are offered a position after the Feb 24 deadline, you are not able to pull in a roommate.

Can I get feedback on my application or interview if not selected?

Yes. If you were not offered a position, please contact us through the and we will provide feedback on our decision during the first week of March. 


FAQs: Alternates

I am an alternate for this year, do I need to apply again?

Yes, being an alternate for the 2021-2022 does not make you eligible for 2022-2023. You must re-apply for the 2022-2023 year.  

What number am I in the alternate pool?

The alternate pool is an unranked pool. 

What if I accept an alternate position and then make other plans?

You can email us at any time if you no longer what to be considered for the position. You can also decline our offer if we make you one. 

When will I know if you want to hire me from the alternate pool?

We make offers all year from the alternate pool, from March through February.  If we want to offer you a position, you will receive an email from with details on the position and you will be given 3 business days to accept or decline the offer. 


FAQs: Married Applicants

I am married but received an offer for single student housing. What should I do?

If you receive an offer for a position in our single student housing (FYE, undergraduate apartments, GLC, TAH single split housing) and plan to live with your spouse you should turn down our offer and email us at and we can put you into the pool for the limited family housing spaces.  

I am married and plan to live with my spouse and/or children.

Each year, we have a number of married candidates but we do not consider family status in our hiring protocol, so it is possible you could receive an offer to work in any of our buildings: including FYE or our apartments for single students. If you are only interested in a position in family housing where you can live with your spouse, please email and we can add that notation to your file.    


FAQs: Summer RA Process

I want to be an RA for Summer, how do I apply?

Based on the truncated timing of summer semester, only current RAs, or students that have received an offer for Fall, can apply to work the summer. If you are eligible, you will receive an email in March from with details on how to apply for summer. 

How many credits do I need to take in summer to be eligible to work as an RA?

In summer, undergraduates must register for a minimum of 6 credits. Graduate students must register for at least 3 credits in the summer. 

When does the summer hiring process take place?

Our summer process takes place in March and April with application links being sent to all eligible candidates in March and decisions being made in April. 

How many summer positions are there?

Normally we have between 45 and 65 RAs in the summer serving in either summer school, first year experience summer Impact or serving with our extending lodging program.

Is the summer compensation the same?

No. While the rent exemptions and stipend are the same, the meal plan offered to RAs in the summer is a $500.00 dining dollar plan and any money not spent during the summer is refunded to the department.