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As you begin to think about your next semester at Georgia Tech, we hope you'll consider applying for on-campus housing.

Please read the information below regarding the application process prior to starting your application. Everything you need to know is outlined below including dates, eligibility & process, and contracts. You can also review our Housing Application Guide to get a look ahead at your action steps once you're inside the application.


Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life is currently at full capacity for the 2023-2024 academic year for rising second year and all other undergraduate housing applications. Applicants will be placed on a waitlist as of February 14. As cancellations for housing assignments occur - prior to the end of self-assign – students will be assigned a room selection number based on their number of Georgia Tech credit hours. After self-assign, waitlisted students will be assigned to available rooms based on their waitlist number. 

Applicants can view your position on the waitlist on the summary page of your application in the My Housing portal. Students who cancel their housing application contract while they are still on the waitlist will not be assessed any penalties.   

As a reminder, Housing & Residence Life does not guarantee housing, and time-tickets for self-assign are granted based on Georgia Tech credit hours. We work hard to accommodate as many students as possible and hope to begin placing applicants from the waitlist soon. 

Keep in mind that we will host an off-campus housing fair on Tuesday, March 14 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Tech Walkway. That will be a good opportunity to meet with property managers from spaces near campus that have leases available to students. There will be swag, too! 


January 31 @ noon ET: Rising 2nd Year

February 13 @ noon ET:  Current Residents* + Rising 2nd Year

February 20 @ noon ET: All Other Students + Current Residents + Rising 2nd Year

*Current residents include students who canceled spring semester housing for an approved internship, Co-Op, or study abroad.

Information Session

Housing and Residence Life does not guarantee housing, but we are doing everything we can to help as many students as possible find housing. Join us for an information session to learn more from the leadership of Housing and Residence Life about housing allocation and the application process for upperclass students for the 2023-24 academic year. 

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Applying for Housing

Step 1: Complete the application and sign the Housing Contract

  • Find the application in the My Housing Portal
  • Check your email for important information about the application in the days leading up to your application phase (find your phase information to the right under "Important Dates").
  • You must sign the Housing Contract to complete the Housing Application.

Step 2: Roommate and Room Selection

Important Application Dates

Summer 2023

Application Open: January 31, 2023 

Academic Year 2023-2024

Application Open:

January 31 - Rising 2nd Year

February 13 - Current Residents + Rising 2nd Year

February 20 - All Returning Students + Current Residents + Rising 2nd Year


23-24 Current Student Waitlist FAQ

I am on the waitlist. What are my chances of getting a space on campus?

Some people will be assigned off of the waitlist. We cannot be more specific than that at this point in the process. Our past indicators are unreliable this year due to the unprecedented demand and year over year enrollment growth. 

I have a critical need that requires me to live on campus. What can I do?

Students can complete the Priority Waitlist Consideration Form, found by logging into My Housing and selecting the "Resource" tab, beginning March 27. This form gives students the opportunity to let us know their situation. Examples of a critical needs might include a scholarship requiring on-campus housing or housing insecurity.

Submitting the form does not guarantee a space on campus. Assignments will be made as space becomes available via cancellations. Therefore, we are unable to provide a timeline or date by which a student would be assigned.

When will waitlist assignments begin?

We expect to begin assigning students from the waitlist as early as March 20 as space is available. 

Why are so many more current residents on the waitlist?

The short answer is increased demand, particularly among rising second-year students. In addition to current residents submitting applications at a substantially higher rate on day one (more than 800 in the first three hours), we saw a 6% increase in rising second-year applicants. While we expected to have a significant waitlist this year, we were forced to turn it on much earlier than expected. For reference, last year, we turned on the waitlist six days after it opened for current residents. This year, we turned on the waitlist in less than 12 hours.

What caused the My Housing login and application submission issues and what is being done to correct the problem?

The increased demand put significant additional strain on our housing system. It has a concurrent user limit and that issue was exacerbated by a limitation with Docusign that was beyond our control. 

We have been in the process of migrating our student housing data system to the Cloud since last summer. Our go live date is currently scheduled for late May. In addition, we are investigating other applications that can help alleviate any future concurrent user issues. 

We do send out communications leading up to the opening of the application that include reminders about how volume impacts the My Housing portal, and we prepare with GT office of information technology and our vendor support teams to mitigate application opening issues. Admittedly, even with our preparation, we were caught off-guard by the sheer volume of applicants that resulted in turning the waitlist on a full six days earlier than we did last year. 

What other resources are available to me?

We will host an off-campus housing fair on Tuesday, March 14 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Tech Walkway. That will be a good opportunity to meet with property managers from spaces near campus that have leases available to students.Those same properties and others with available spaces are listed on to make it easier for you to explore off-campus options.


Interested in Joining an Upperclass LLC?

Upperclass students have the option to live with their first-year cohort or apply to one of our upperclass LLCs.

Beginning in their second year, students are invited to apply to the Women, Science, and Technology and the International House Living Learning Communities. WST and I-House require students to participate in community activities and events and offer optional coursework. Please click below to learn more about each of our upper class living learning communities.

Apply for WST   Apply for I-House

Upperclass LLC students can choose to live with their cohorts in:
Explore - Nelson Shell
Honors Program - Eighth St. South and East
Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, and Impact - North Ave

Your Housing Options

We have 47 Residence Halls on campus, each with its own personality and perks. We know your choice of hall may also depend on other factors. We invite you to explore the details of our residence halls and take a virtual tour and choose the best option for you.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Living Learning Communities

Second-Year Experience

Explore Residence Halls