Find a Roommate

Photo collage of female and male students in their rooms and around campus.
How to Find a Roommate

If you would like to request a specific roommate, you can add that person to your application by entering ALL of the following: gtID#, Last Name, First Name.


If you do not have a specific person in mind, you can compare profiles and find new potential roommates based on how they match your profile; the system can give you a listing of potential roommates from which to choose. You can then contact any potential roommates by email using your screen name on this step.

Roommate request(s) can be updated until you self-assign or, if you are in a program, until an assignment is made for you.

When you are accepted as a requested roommate, or your request for a roommate has been accepted or rejected, the system will send you an email inviting you to return to the portal to review and update your roommate selection(s).

To be eligible for an assignment together, you must either requested someone who accepted your request or accepted someone who requested you.