Living Learning Communities

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First-Year students admitted to Georgia Tech can apply to Explore, Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, the Honors Program Living Learning Communities, First-Year Semester Abroad and the iGniTe Summer Launch Program. All communities offer opportunities to explore an interest through experiential and academic programming while residing with other students who share that interest. Participating in a First-Year Living Learning Community promotes interactions between faculty and students, fosters collaboration, enhances campus and civic engagement, and eases both the academic and social transition to college. 


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Global Leadership

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Grand Challenges

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First-Year Semester Abroad

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The Honors Program

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How to Participate

Admitted first-year students apply via their Admission Portal for iGniTe, First-Year Semester Abroad, Explore, Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, and Honors Program.

The Living Learning Community Application is a single application where you can select all communities that interest you. If you are interested in applying for the Honors Program, please be sure to apply during your initial living learning community application submission. Adding the Honors Program later, after submitting your living learning community application, requires your application to be voided and re-submitted. 

  • You do not need to pay your acceptance deposit or apply for on-campus housing to apply to an LLC.
  • You do need to pay your acceptance deposit and apply for on-campus housing to accept an invitation to join an LLC.
Please Note: Students must complete a Housing Application to accept an invitation (excluding iGniTe and FYSA). Living Learning Communities are first come, first serve and extremely competitive. We will allow students to accept their Living Learning Community invitations until all spots are filled.  

2024-2025 Application is now open for admitted Georgia Tech students. We are currently in rolling admissions.

What to Expect

  • Engaging courses tailored to your community’s mission 
  • Develop leadership, teambuilding, and analytical skills not taught in traditional classes
  • Benefit from dedicated study space
  • Meet campus leaders, faculty, and industry experts who can help you plug in to areas that interest you 
  • Participate in community specific programming, such as: retreats, study sessions, HProm, Destress Fest, in-house tutoring, International Dinner, Silent Disco, and more!
  • Meet and collaborate with students from other First-Year Living Learning Communities 
  • Attend Georgia Tech and Atlanta sporting events, visit museums, participate in service projects, take a Civil Rights Bike Tour of Atlanta, go paintballing, see a show at the Fox Theatre, and more!