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The Housing Contract is the agreement all residents of Georgia Institute of Technology residence halls accepts. The Contract incorporates all rules and regulations listed in the Guide to Community Living and Student Code of Conduct.

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To cancel your housing contract/application, log into My Housing and click the Resources tab on the gold navigation bar. Select "Cancel My Housing" from the drop down menu. Upon completion of cancellation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which should be retained as proof of cancellation. Cancellation penalties are assessed regardless of the time you are accepted to Georgia Tech and regardless of when you apply for housing. Notifying other Georgia Institute of Technology offices (i.e., Admission’s Office, Registrar’s Office, Bursar’s Office, etc.) DOES NOT cancel your housing contract.

The information provided below is an excerpt from the Housing Contract. Omission of any part of the contract on this page does not negate the complete cancellation policy the contract contains. Refer to the cancellation time periods below.

Canceling Your Contract

Academic Year 2023-2024 

Academic Year - Fall Semester Cancellation

All Students: 

  • Cancel before July 1, 2024: No penalty
  • Cancel July 1 – August 18, 2024: $500
  • Cancel August 19 – December 13, 2024: Full Semester’s Rent
Academic Year - Spring Semester Cancellation*

All Students: 

  • Cancel on or before November 15, 2023: $750
  • Cancel November 16, 2023 – December 15, 2023: $1,000
  • Cancel December 16, 2023 - January 7, 2024: $1,500
  • Cancel on or after January 8, 2024: Full Semester’s Rent
*Student who cancels the Spring semester of an Academic Year Contract and meets the approved conditions detailed in Addendum B, Section II will not be billed a Cancellation Penalty. 

Spring 2024

All Students: 

  • Cancel on or before January 7, 2024: $500
  • Cancel on or after January 8, 2024: Full Semester’s Rent

Student Type Definitions

New First-Year, New Transfer, New Graduate: Student who matriculated to Georgia Institute of Technology Summer or Fall 2023

Returning Student: Student who matriculated to Georgia Institute of Technology prior to Summer 2023

Contract Cancellation

For All Academic Terms - Including Summer & Monthly


If terminating after this Contract begins, Student is responsible for the full License Fee amount for the entire length of the contract. Prior to vacating housing by means of an official check-out (see section VI., B.) the Student must cancel this Contract online under My Housing at If Student is unable to cancel online then Student must email notice of cancellation to the Department.

A Student desiring to cancel this Contract prior to the expiration of this Contract may, under certain conditions do so without full penalty, provided the proper documentation is submitted and approved only for reasons listed in Section C., below.

A Student withdrawing from Georgia Institute of Technology Housing for one of the following reasons will be charged a prorated amount based on days of occupancy determined by canceling their Contract online (logging into My Housing, choosing “Cancel My Housing” under the Resources tab), completing an official check-out as defined in section VI., B.: (i) Graduation, (ii) Military, (iii) Medical, (iv) Approved Georgia Institute of Technology Co-op Program, Georgia Institute of Technology Required Internships, Georgia Institute of Technology Study Abroad, (v) Marriage, (vi) or Transferring

 i. Graduation withdrawal requires written verification of graduation from the Registrar’s Office. Graduation release is not when Student has completed their thesis, dissertation and/or course work, but at the end of the semester in which Student is requesting to be released, as noted on the Official School Calendar.

 ii. Military withdrawal requires original military orders and withdrawal from Georgia Institute of Technology.

iii. Medical withdrawal requires signed recommendation and supporting documentation from a licensed, practicing physician. Department strongly encourages Student to submit the supporting medical documentation within thirty (30) days from the occurrence date. If necessary, a Georgia Institute of Technology Student Health Services physician may review and make recommendations to the Executive Director of Department, or their designee, for medical withdrawal requests. All requests for medical withdrawals will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

iv. Approved Georgia Institute of Technology Co-op, Georgia Institute of Technology Internship, and Georgia Institute of Technology Study Abroad Programs release requires a DocuSign completed “Verification of Employment/Study Abroad: Georgia Institute of Technology Internship, Georgia Institute of Technology Co-op and Georgia Institute of Technology Study Abroad Programs” form, attainable through your Georgia Institute of Technology academic advisor or Georgia Institute of Technology program coordinator. Georgia Institute of Technology Internships and Georgia Institute of Technology Co-ops must be located at least twenty-five (25) miles or more from the Georgia Institute of Technology main campus to be released from this Contract.

v. For a marriage release, the marriage certificate must be submitted and the marriage must take place during the contractual time Student is requesting the release. It is encouraged the marriage certificate be submitted within thirty (30) days of the marriage.

vi. Transferring at the end of fall semester, Student must vacate by the official date of checkout for fall semester, submit proof of enrollment for Spring semester along with class schedule and proof of payment within 30 days of the semester beginning.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life will make copies of the above requested original documents. If not in English, a certified English translation is required. Department shall determine the sufficiency of the documentation presented. Otherwise, the Student will be responsible for the remainder of the Contract (License and fees).