Move-in Tips

Picture of students walking together outside on GT Campus.

There are so many things to consider when you move onto campus. The move-in process is being carefully reworked to allow for maximum social distance and adherence to other safety guidelines. Here are a few tips that will help you as you make the move.

Covid-19 Safety

Masks will be required for move-in for students and their move-in group. If you don't have one, we will provide one for you.

Please perform your daily self-checklist, which includes reviewing if you have any symptoms, recent contact with someone who was diagnosed with Covid-19, or have been asked to self-quarantine or isolate.

Students will have an assigned move-in time and appointments for move-in will be widely spaced out to allow Housing to limit the risk of crowding in hallways and elevators.

There will also be a drive-through check-in process that will minimize contact and touchpoints.

Sanitizing stations and enhanced surface area cleaning will also be incorporated into this year’s move-in process.

Before move-in, students will sign an acknowledgment of responsibility for health awareness and community accountability.

Volunteers will be present to assist and will be wearing masks.

Getting to Move-In

First-year Move-In Map

Directions to Campus

Campus Map

First-year students who are utilizing ride share that would like to stay in the vehicle throughout the move-in process from check-in through unloading, should enter the CRC deck and proceed with other vehicular traffic.

First-year students who would like to take ride share to the check-in location only, utilize public transportation or walk-up will access check-in to the right of the CRC Deck Entrance on Tech Parkway. A tent and help desk will be there to process students for check-in. Signage and a turnaround for ride share vehicles will be visible. Following check-in students will be able to proceed to their residence hall to move-in. Due to social distancing requirements, check-in volunteers will not be able to assist students with luggage.

Returning students using ride share, public transit, third party mover, or walk-up, will have specific instructions emailed to them based on which campus they are moving into. 

Early Arrival

There is no early arrival this year for individuals. Georgia Tech groups or organizations can request early move-in for their entire group.

Late Arrival

The On-Duty Staff Member for your residence hall can give you access to your room if you arrive after office hours. The number to reach the On-Duty Staff Member is posted on the entrance door at each building. At the call box outside each residence hall, there are instructions for contacting the On-Duty Staff Member.

If you plan to arrive later than noon on Monday, the first day of classes, call the Central Housing Office or email your name, gtID#, and estimated time of arrival to Unless we know that you do plan to check into your room late, it could be possible that you would be declared a no-show and your room given to another student.

Special Programs Arrival

Please check with your Program Director, not Georgia Tech Housing, to receive any specific move in directions.

Technical Help

The Wreck Techs are the one-stop-shop for all Housing resident technology support needs. Our student residential technology advisors provide support for the wired/wireless network and cable television services throughout residence halls.

The Wreck Techs also provide software support for computers, internet-connected consumer electronics, gaming systems and smart mobile devices. For a complete list of everything you need to know concerning technology within Housing, please visit

Move-In Time

Residents will choose a check-in time for move-in using a mobile app. Students will choose a 30-minute check-in window to begin the move-in process on either August 8 or 9 for first-years or August 13-16 for returning students. 

Download Transact Mobile Ordering from the App Store or Google Play Store, choose “Georgia Tech Campus Connect,” your icon preference, and log in with your campus ID. The app will open in phases by building to ensure that the system does not get overloaded. All building time and date options will be open by Monday, July 27. Make sure you sign up for the building you are assigned to on the day and time that works for your schedule. You must sign-up for a slot by August 5 or a time will be assigned to you.

Check-In Process

This year, we are implementing a drive-through check-in to limit contact between residents moving in. Residents will arrive within their 30-minute check-in window to begin the process.  

Check-in for first-years will take place inside the CRC Parking Deck and vehicles will enter off of Tech Parkway. Check-in for returning students will occur in specific locations depending on what campus they are on. 

Follow the signs for single car, multiple vehicles, or rideshare drop off. Stay together if you have multiple vehicles. Make sure the student is in one of the front seats and that they have their ID handy. 

Volunteers will give you a packet that includes your room key, your BuzzCard, and a map to your unloading and parking zones and will direct you to where to go next. 

As you leave the check-in location, you’ll head to your designated unloading zone on East Campus or West Campus, following the signs and the map included in your packet. Loading zones are color coordinated and volunteers will be present to direct you.

Parking & Unloading

After check-in, residents will follow the signs and use the map given to them in their check-in packet to find their unloading zone on either East or West Campus. Loading zones will be color coordinated.  

Residents will have 30 minutes to unload their vehicle(s). For first-year move-in, volunteers will help you transfer your items from your vehicle into bins that you will park outside your residence hall. Your group will move your bin closer to your hall, where you will park it and carry your items on to your room by hand. For safety, volunteers will not bring your items into your room. 

For returning students, bins will be available in select areas and we encourage you to bring hand trucks, small carts, or wagons to assist you with your move.

Once unloading is complete, the driver can then relocate the vehicle(s) to the long-term parking locations referenced on their map. This will allow for other residents to unload.  

Once you’re parked in long-term parking, you have time to bring your items up to your room or unpack and settle into your new home. 

Shipping Items

All student mail and packages are delivered through the central Georgia Tech Post Office. Incoming students will not receive a mailing address until after registration for classes. For student mail guidelines and information on how to obtain your address information, go to the Georgia Tech Post Office site. Students are responsible for sharing their address information. 

Due to the Post Office's recent relocation to a temporary space while their home is renovated, we ask that you do not ship large items like futons, bicycles, or refrigerators. We cannot accommodate such large items in our space. Please also keep in mind that a student is responsible for transporting their large shipments back to their residence halls.  Residents are strongly encouraged to purchase large items from local retailers. 

Also DO NOT send any package to your room or residence hall, in care of Georgia Tech Housing, or any of our community offices. Due to lack of storage space, these packages will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please time the shipping of your packages to arrive no more than five (5) days prior to your arrival on campus.

Room Changes

You can do it yourself. Simply log into your My Housing application and use the Room Swap tab on the gold bar. Room swap begins after all residents have selected their room. Advertise your room and search for another room you might like to change into using this online function. Multiple room swaps can be made, but must be finalized prior to checking out your keys. Room Swap ends July 31. 

Verify Your Room

Make sure that the room you move into is the same room that is stated in your My Housing.  Check the room number displayed at the hallway entrance to your room and the letter over the bedroom door if you are in an apartment or suite.

For safety reasons, do not change rooms with another resident without approval.

Room Condition

 Once you move into your room you may need assistance with such things as bed lofting or air conditioner adjustments. Simply submit a maintenance request on-line. From the Housing homepage select Maintenance Request and follow the directions.

Please provide specific details. You will receive a request number that enables you to follow up on the progress of your request.