TV & Streaming

Icon type illustrations of a TV, people watching TV and streaming.

Free Streaming Options

Channels with free streaming are below (none are endorsed by Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life): 

If you still have concerns or needs and need advice on possible streaming devices, contact Wreck Techs. 

Student Streaming Deals

Georgia Tech students have access to discounts for some streaming services using their Georgia Tech email address. None of these services is endorsed by Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life, and are subject to change:


What is the size limit for a TV in the First-Year Experience residence halls?

There are no size limitations for TVs that residents bring with them to the residence halls. If you are considering a large TV, please be sure to discuss that with your future roommate.

Does each room has a connection for Cable TV?

Housing and Residence Life does not provide cable TV service. Please utilize streaming options. Any cable TV jacks found are out of service.