Laundry is FREE in the Residence Halls!

New machines have been installed in all of our halls, and while they come with many benefits, the most important is that laundry is now FREE to residents! Please visit this page for tips and tricks for achieving a buzzworthy fluff and fold.

Statement Regarding Maintenance Review of Laundry Equipment:
It has come to our attention that several of the new laundry machines are not working properly. The Department of Housing and Residence Life would like to apologize for any issues residents may have experienced with these machines.

While Housing Facilities contracts out the maintenance of the laundry equipment, it is our responsibility to ensure this resource is accessible and convenient for our residents. We have reported the current issues to our contractor and requested their quick attention. Additionally, we have a facilities team inspecting each machine.

We are working through a solution were residents can report issues directly to the company. However, until we are able to achieve that, we encourage residents to reach out directly to with any concerns so that we can ensure proper follow up and continuity of services. 

We understand what an inconvenience it is to our residents to have machines out of service. Housing and Residence Life is committed to resolving this fully. We were excited to offer laundry at no cost this semester. However, that should not compromise the level of service. Please know we are working  on both long term solutions to keep the machines in working order, as well as intermediate fixes that can be put in place immediately.





Starting the Machines

Starting the new machines is simple! For now, all residents need to do to start their laundry is to push the start button. No need to insert a BuzzCard or any payment. If that start procedure ever changes, we will update this page with new instructions.


Machine Issues?

If you have an issue with the machines (stuck clothing, stuck BuzzCard, etc.) email Do not submit a work order. For urgent issues after hours, call your RA on duty. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Leave the machine door open after you're finished, allowing it to air out.
  • Cleaning out the lint trap before each dryer load leads to faster drying and prevents fire safety issues!
  • If the machine locks with your items inside:
    • During business hours: call the Housing Facilities team at 404-894-0520 
    • After hours: call the RA on duty, they will connect with the emergency maintenance team. 
  • Don't try to pay for your laundry - no payment is necessary!
  • Check back for updates on laundry service