Building Best Practices

Students who participate in the First-year Experience program and take GT1000 are 95% likely to continue on for their second year at Georgia Tech. Programs and services in the First-year Experience program and through your GT1000 class will help you develop skills for success at Georgia Tech. Students can attend programs on time management, discuss a study plan with their hall director or a professional in Success Programs. Additionally, Resident Assistants do a check-up with residents three times a year to see how students are doing academically and socially.

Tip 1 - Image of Planner

Use a Planner

Use for weekly assignments as well as planning out your whole semester. Look at which weeks are going to be packed with tests and which weeks are going to be a little easier.

Tip 2 - Image of Go to Class

Go to Class

By going to class, you'll not only get the notes on the topics covered, you'll receive vital information from professors about what to expect on tests, changes in due dates, etc.

Tip 3 - Image of Go to Office Hours

Go to Office Hours

Going to professors' office hours makes them that much more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt when assigning grades. Also, in classes were homework is graded for accuracy, going to office hours is often the only way to get 100% on homework.

Tip 4 - Image of Get Involved on Campus

Get involved on Campus

At a big school like Georgia Tech, it's very important to find the community you want to belong to. Whether it's sailing or soccer or scrapbooking, getting involved will make your college experience so much better.

Tip 5 - Image of Don't Feel pressured

Don't feel pressured to declare your major

It's better to spend a semester doing your homework and investigating a major than to spend four years studying something you have no desire to pursue.

Tip 6 - Image of go to career services

Go to Career Services and open a CareerBuzz Account

Whether you want to get an internship right after your first-year or you have plans to look for employment in the future, having your resume on CareerBuzz puts your name out there and could bring you an opportunity you don't even know exists.

Tip 7 - image of prioritize


Prioritize your to-do list. Start with what's most important. Also, prioritize your assignments. Start with the things that will have a direct impact on your final grade.

Tip 8 - image of ask for help

Ask for help

With so many resources on campus, there's no reason not to ask for help. Visit the Learning Assistance Program to 1-to-1 tutoring, or OMED tutoring, or any of the other programs on campus.

Tip 9 - image of money

Keep track of your money

Try to make a budget so that you can avoid working during the school year, or at least keep hours during the school year to a minimum. Also, avoid all the credit card solicitations you're about to be getting, you're probably going to have enough debt when you graduate.

tip 10 - image of overwhelmed

Be prepared to feel overwhelmed

Georgia Tech is not the typical college experience for most students. We are fifth in the country for a reason, do your best and do what you have to do to complete your assignments.