Appeal Decisions

Appeal Decisions

The appeal process is not intended to grant a new meeting at a higher level. An appeal shall be limited to a review of the record of the initial meeting, supporting documentation, and the Accused’s submitted appeal. The Accused must explicitly state why s/he believes an appeal is warranted. Appeals will only be considered for the following reasons:

  1. To determine whether the original hearing was conducted fairly and in conformity with prescribed procedures;
  2. To determine whether there was sufficient evidence to support the decision;
  3. To determine whether the sanctions assigned were appropriate for the violation for which the resident was found responsible; and/or
  4. To determine whether new information, not available at the time of the hearing, is relevant to the final decision.

The appeal must be submitted through the student conduct database by the Accused within five (5) business days of the delivery of the decision. The link to the appeal form is included within the decision letter. All supporting documentation must be attached to the online appeal sent via email to the Coordinator of Student Conduct or their designee within the same timeframe. Appeal decisions will normally be rendered within fifteen (15) business days via email. The Appellate Officer may take more than 15 days to render a decision. At the discretion of the Appellate Officer, a designee may be selected to determine the outcome of the appeal. The Appellate Officer is the Coordinator of Student Conduct or department designee.

Decisions of the Appellate Officer go into effect immediately. The Appellate Officer is authorized to take one of the following actions:

  • Dismiss the appeal for failure to state valid reasons;
  • Find no error and uphold the original decision;
  • Uphold the original decision, but modify the violations, sanctions and supplementary requirements;
  • Overturn the original decision; or
  • Remand the case of the original Housing and Residence Life Conduct Administrator or the RHA Conduct Board.

The decision of the Appellate Officer is the final decision for the case. The Accused shall not be entitled to any further appeals.