Housing and Residence Life Student Conduct Procedures

Housing and Residence Life Student Conduct Procedures

The Department of Housing and Residence Life staff will initiate student conduct action upon discovering the alleged violation(s) of Institute rules or Residence Hall Community Policies. All communication (such as requests for meetings, notifications, and notice of hearings) will be provided via the official Institute e-mail address, as defined by the Office of Information Technology. If the Accused is not currently enrolled, the notification will be sent via U.S. Postal Service to the last known address on file with the Registrar. Throughout the conduct process, the Accused is granted the following rights to:

  • seek information from a Department of Housing and Residence Life Conduct Administrator about the investigation and resolution process;

  • be informed of the violation(s) and alleged misconduct upon which the violation is based;

  • be informed of the information upon which the charge is based and afforded an opportunity to offer a relevant response;

  • be accompanied by an Advisor of their choice; lawyers cannot serve as the advisor unless the parent/guardian is a lawyer.

  • remain silent with no inference of responsibility drawn;

  • call and question relevant Witnesses;

  • present information in their behalf;

  • be considered not responsible until proven responsible by a Preponderance of the Evidence;

  • appeal the decision;

  • waive any of the above rights.