Housing Student Conduct Process Overview

The following describes some of the privileges and regulations for residents in the Housing community. Each resident is responsible for this information. These expectations are a supplement to the Student Code of Conduct, the Housing Contract, and state, federal, and local laws. Violation of any policy may result in a referral to the student conduct process.

Georgia Tech views the student conduct process as a learning experience which can result in growth and personal understanding of one’s responsibilities and privileges within the Institute community. To this end the policies and hearing procedures attempt to balance our understanding of resident needs and behaviors with the needs of the residential community. There are some behaviors and actions that cannot be tolerated because they seriously interfere with the basic purpose, necessities and processes of the academic community or with the rights essential to other members of the community. By formulating a general code of ethics, rules and regulations, the Institute does not absolve residents from accepting responsibility for their behavior. Rather, it affirms the principle of student freedom that is coupled with an acceptance of full responsibility for individual action and the consequences of such action by the Institute and may impact the status of the Housing contract. Residents are not only members of the academic community and residential community; they are, additionally members of the larger society and thus retain the rights, protections, guarantees and responsibilities that are held by all citizens. Therefore, a resident may be prosecuted by local, state, or federal enforcement agencies whether or not the Institute takes action on the violation.