Fire Safety

Fire Safety

When the fire alarm sounds, all building occupants are required by law to evacuate the building. All individuals are to proceed to the evacuation point for the building. All evacuation locations may be found here. When the alarm is silenced and Department of Housing and Residence Life staff or the Georgia Tech Police gives the safety clearance, residents may re-enter the building. Students who do not vacate will be referred to the student conduct process. Any student who knowingly or accidentally causes a fire will be referred to the student conduct process. Interior doors in common areas, stairwells and hallways are normally in place as added fire protection to slow the spread of any fires. Propping these doors open for any reason is not allowed by anyone. Securing bicycles to hand rails at any location can impede the safe evacuation of areas and is prohibited. It is against Federal and State laws to interfere with life and safety features. Destroying fire exit signs, fire alarm boxes and other safety items could lead to a minimum of one year and up to a ten-year jail sentence and other fines.  


Sprinkler heads must not be tampered with, or used as a means to hang personal items. Some facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems that will extinguish most major fires. These sprinklers disperse 250 gallons of water per minute. Residents may end up flooding a room and many others at the same time. Residents are encouraged to review the information in the Insurance Responsibility section of this document as Georgia Tech is not responsible for any loss a resident may incur as a result of negligence. A resident who knowingly or accidentally causes a sprinkler to activate may be referred to the student conduct process.  

Life Safety Checks  

During each semester, staff will be checking rooms to make sure there are no fire or safety hazards. Here are some of the policies that must be adhered to:  

  • Halogen-torchiere lights are prohibited.  
  • Refrigerators must be plugged directly into the wall.  
  • All multiple outlet units must have a surge protector.  
  • Nothing can hang from the overhead lights, sprinkler heads, or pipes or be attached to the ceiling.  
  • There can be only one major appliance (such as refrigerator, television, computer, microwave) per receptacle plug.  
  • Extension cords cannot be used.  
  • No cords may be run under carpet.  
  • Open element hot plates, toaster ovens, toasters, air-fryers and deep fryers, instant pots/pressure cookers are not permitted microwave ovens must use less than 10 amps of power.  Mini refrigerators must be 4.5 cubic feet or smaller. Cleanliness of room will be checked for health hazards.  
  • Candles and incense burners are not allowed.  
  • Storage of gas or electric/battery-operated vehicles (including dockless vehicle, hovercraft, moped, scooter, skateboard etc.) are not permitted in the room/apartment. See gas or battery-operated electric vehicles.