Responsible Computing

Security Policies

Responsible participation in leading academic research network places a few requirements on individual users. For the comprehensive Georgia Tech computer and network usage policy please visit here.

Anti-Virus Protection

In addition to the guidelines provided in the usage policy, users of the residential wired and wireless networks are strongly encouraged to download and install free anti-virus software necessary to prevent computer virus and malware infections. The Wreck Techs and the Office of Information Technology provide recommendations for free anti-virus software here. If you are having trouble with your computers performance, the Wreck Techs are here to help. Stop by one of their locations with your device or submit a help request through their website.

Wireless Routers

OIT policy explicitly prohibits the use of the wireless broadcasting function of personal routers. If you wish to connect multiple devices to the wired network in your room, you may use a router. However, you must ensure that the wireless or radio broadcasting feature is turned off. The wireless signal from personal routers or other devices may interrupt GT wifi services to residents in the area and will also cause security concerns. For more information on wireless etiquette and disabling a wireless signal, please click here


Residents may bring personal desktop printers to their rooms. However, the Wreck Techs do not support the connection of wireless printers to the Georgia Tech network as they are insecure and will disrupt GT wifi to surrounding residents. If you have a wireless printer, please disable the wireless signal and connect your computer directly to the printer using the USB cable provided with your printer. To provide a more convenient solution to residents, the Wreck Techs have recently partnered with OIT Printing Services to bring print release stations closer to the residence halls. All students are provided a weekly allotment of free printing to any print release station on campus. For more information about printing and printing locations, please click here.