Wireless Internet 

The Georgia Tech wireless network is available throughout all residence halls. Connecting to "EduRoam" should be used for most computing devices including laptops and smart phones/tablets. To connect, select the wireless network named "EduRoam" and enter your GT username email (i.e. and password when prompted. For devices not compatible with WPA2 Enterprise Encryption, including gaming systems and streaming devices, Georgia Tech provides a wireless network named “GTother”. For more information about how to connect most popular devices to this network, please click here. Please note that residents should not attempt to repair or tamper with wireless access points or wired network points in the residence halls. 

Students in traditional halls and suites can request wired Ethernet port connectivity in their room by submitting a maintenance request, go to My Housing and submit a maintenance request. Select Electrical & Lighting > Ethernet Port Connection as the maintenance request Category and Item. Note that you must be checked into your housing assignment to submit a maintenance request.  

Please note that the wired ethernet port does not provide “back-up” internet access should there be a failure with the wireless internet or power. There are few instances where the wireless internet is insufficient for student needs, and we recommend that students only request wired internet access if absolutely necessary.