The only pets allowed within the residential facilities are fish in aquariums with a capacity no larger than 10 gallons. If an individual is found to have a pet within the facilities, they will be responsible for necessary cleaning involved to remove animal hair and smells from the premises. Residents who violate the pet policy will be referred to the student conduct process. This policy does not apply to approved emotional support and service animals. 

Emotional Support Animals 

The Department of Housing and Residence Life has created a procedure that allows residents to seek approval for an emotional support animal. Before an Emotional Support Animal can move into Georgia Institute of Technology Department of Housing and Residence Life with a person with a disability, the Student must self-identify and provide the appropriate documentation to Georgia Institute of Technology's Office of Disability Services. The Student must also complete the “Accommodation Request” page in the online Housing application.  

For more information on the process and requirements, please see the Assistance Animal procedure here.