Storage and Liability

Bicycle Storage  

Below are several options for storage of bicycles in and around Housing buildings:  

  • Some residence halls have bicycle storage rooms inside the building. Resident Assistants can provide residents with the location of the closest bicycle storage area to a specific residence hall.  
  • Bicycle storage racks are located near various residence halls throughout campus.  
  • Securing bicycles to hand rails at any location can impede the safe evacuation of areas and is prohibited. In addition, bicycles are not to be secured to trees, lamp posts, or any landscape/hardscape location.  
  • All students will need to remove their bicycles on or before the Monday after graduation.  If a resident leaves Georgia Tech Housing during the middle of the academic year, they should remember to take their bicycle. 
  • End of Spring Semester—At the end of the spring semester, all students will need to remove their bicycles. If you are leaving Georgia Tech Housing for next semester, do not forget to take your bike with you. All remaining bicycles will be removed and confiscated from all storage rooms, lockers, and racks.  
Gas or Electric Vehicles 

Gas or Electric/Battery-operated vehicles (including, without limitation, dockless vehicle, hovercraft, moped, scooter, skateboard etc.) must be parked in those areas designated by Parking and Transportation. Violations could result in ticketing and/or removal. 

Storage of Personal Items  

Storage space for personal items or Housing furniture is not available in the residence halls. It is expected that residents will keep their Housing-issued furniture in their rooms/apartments. Removal of Housing-issued furniture will result in fines and conduct proceedings for residents.  

Insurance Responsibility    

Georgia Institute of Technology, its officers, employees, or agents are not responsible for the loss, damage, or destruction of the resident’s personal property. Although precautions are taken to maintain adequate security and maintenance, Georgia Institute of Technology does not assume any legal obligation to pay for injury to persons (including death), or loss of or damage to items of personal property which occurs in its buildings or on its grounds, prior to, during, or subsequent to the term of the contracted period. 

The resident is strongly encouraged to purchase and maintain appropriate rental insurance, or confirm that their family homeowner’s policy will cover such possible losses. If insurance coverage is desired, it is the resident’s responsibility to acquire such coverage. 

Collective Liability  

Residents are responsible for the condition of their room and any shared spaces. The Department of Housing and Residence Life works hard to attribute damage and vandalism charges to the individuals responsible. However, when it cannot, all members of an apartment, suite, room, hall, or building may be charged equally for any damages. It is the Department of Housing and Residence Life’s hope that residents will provide information to Housing and Residence Life staff to assign these charges to the individual(s) responsible. There are no appeals of a collective liability charge.