Different Ways to Search for Roommates

Step 3: Search for Roommate(s) - Various Approaches

Roommate Search Options

Action items on this page: 

  • Select the link to the roommate search method you prefer:
    • If you know who you want to room with: Select "Add Known Roommate(s)". Remember that only eligible roommates will appear (those with completed applications, those in the same LLC, etc.).
    • If you don’t know who you want to room with: you have a few ways to connect with a roommate if you choose to do so.
      • "Search for Roommates by Profile": This option allows you to review eligible roommate profiles, showing how well your questionnaire answers match and allowing you to message one another.
      • "Suggested Roommates": This function makes suggestions based on profile match. From here you can connect further and decide if you want to be roommates.

Also important on this page: 

  • The gray box with the yellow stripe: At this point it should say that “you are not in a group,” meaning you haven’t requested or accepted any roommates. Once you are in a group, it will list your roommate(s) in this space.
  • Under "Requests", you’ll see any potential roommates who’d like to connect or who you’ve reached out to. There will be buttons next to their name, profile, and match percentage saying “accept" and "decline”. You can click on their name to see their profile before accepting or denying the invitation.
  • Remember that you must accept any roommate invitation before anyone in your roommate group self-assigns, or you will not be included in the group assignment.