Ready for Take-off? Ready to Fly? Leaving The Hive: How Housing and Residence Life Prepares Students for Off-Campus Housing

Where students live while in college can play a significant role in their overall collegiate experience. Whether it’s living on-campus or off-campus, this is a decision that requires students to not only do their research but also explore their options. With the help of Housing and Residence Life, students can receive the best resources to help them make their living decisions. 

Housing and Residence Life, in Student Engagement and Well-Being, supports residents in their transition to off-campus housing, providing resources for those with questions about taking that step. The workshops and sessions that HRL hosts provide fstudents with important information and guidance about what it means to be a renter. 

Kate Curnow, a Sr. Programs and Operations Manager for Housing and Residence Life, encourages students to take advantage of the resources that Housing and Residence Life offers. 

“Our goal is to create valuable resources that prepare students for their move off-campus and information that makes off-campus life more accessible and navigable for students. For example, HRL collaborated with the Student Government Association on a renter’s workshop, where students can receive helpful tips on renting, leasing-signing, and other advice,” said Curnow. 

Soumit Guntupalli, a second-year student living off-campus, found the off-campus housing fair instrumental in his decision to move out of the residence halls.

“Housing and Residence Life prepared me for my decision with the off-campus housing fair. I talked to leasing agents about their apartments, asked questions about rent and amenities, and even signed up for apartment tours,” said Guntupalli. 

Housing and Residence Life is collaborating with the Student Government Association on First-Time Renter’s Workshop: Renting 101 (virtually) on March 14, at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom. If students are unable to attend the workshop, they are encouraged to check out the College Pads Off-Campus Housing website, which serves as a one-stop shop to search for apartment listings, roommates, and take renter education resources.