Summer Residents

Summer 2021 Information

Summer is here and it is a beautiful time to be a campus resident! Make sure you're prepared to get the most out of this season by checking out the information below. If you have questions regarding your plans for summer, start by reaching out to your RA or Hall Director. 

What's Open On Campus

CRC, Stamps Health Services, Housing Area Offices, and other campus services you'll need will all be available, but some departments will have different hours for the summer. 

Dining options during summer and the transition to Tech Dining will be limited to Rising Roll and Sideways' cafe (Blue Donkey), so be sure to plan ahead with the hours the linked below. Consider adding dining dollars or BuzzCard Funds to your account, as all meal swipe locations on campus will be closed. 

Summer Maintenance Projects

Over the summer, several halls will get some paint refreshes and other upgrades. Residents in the halls below should be aware of the dates and impact of work. 

Hall What's Happening? Impact on Residents Expected Dates
NAE/NAS Exterior drone inspection

Contractors will be performing exterior building inspections on Saturday, June 19, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Video and photos will be taken of the brick exteriors at relatively low speeds, posing minimal hazard. This will have little to no impact on residents however, we advise that residents close their blinds for privacy purposes.

Saturday, June 19
West Campus 9th St. repairs

Contractors will perform underground repairs along 9th Street between Hemphill and McMillan. This work is expected to take place Monday, June 14th - Tuesday, August 17th from 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

While this work takes place, vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be rerouted around the work. Additionally, parking spaces along that part of 9th Street will not be available. Find a diagram of the work area here.

June 14 - August 17
Hanson Painting and refreshes in kitchens and stairwells Spaces will be closed while work takes place. Residents should adhere to signage and use provided kitchen equipment or kitchens in Hopkins.  Throughout Summer
10th & Home Boiler system repairs While a solution is expected to be in place in early summer, residents of 10th & Home may notice some hot water shortages. If that occurs, residents should wait 30-60 minutes for hot water reserves to refill or visit the CRC to shower.  May & June
10th & Home Garbage disposal removal Contractors will remove disposal in apartments. They will knock and be escorted by HRL Facilities staff while inside apartments.  Throughout Summer
East Campus Painting exterior furnishings Outdoor amenities like benches and barbeque areas will be repainted. Residents should adhere to posted signage about wet paint areas.  Throughout Summer

Around Atlanta

Get to Know Campus in a Quieter Setting
The quiet of summer is a perfect time to get out and see parts of campus you've never seen before. Try out the filters on the campus map to explore landmarks for all interests!

Catch a Flick at the Starlight Drive-In Theatre
The Starlight Theatre, Atlanta’s very own drive-in, lets you watch new releases from the comfort of your own car. Tickets are $10 per adult and $1 per child in your car. Each ticket is good for two movies, which will play back to back on the same screen.

Explore the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Piedmont Park
Only a few minute drive from campus, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens are located at the top of Piedmont Park, one of the city's largest and most iconic parks. 

Walk the Altanta Beltline
Get your steps in while you see the city from all sides along the Beltline. 

Visit Ponce City Market 
One of Atlanta's coolest food hall/markets is just minutes from campus! At Ponce City Market you'll find tasty eats, curios, and entertainment all around the space.