Summer Housing for Current Students

Summer semester will be here soon, and students can make their summer experience even better when they live in campus housing for the summer! Applications for summer housing are now open for Early Short, Late Short, and Full Summer terms. 

Important Notes for Summer Applicants:
  • Applications for summer close on Friday, April 30. Self-Assign for summer will take place April 22 - 30. 
  • Summer 2021 courses will be offered in residential (in person), hybrid, and online modes. The Summer course schedule including course modes will be available on March 17. We are eager for you to join us on campus, but if you are undecided about living on campus for the summer semester, we understand. You should not commit to the housing contract before you are absolutely sure you want to live on campus, as charges may apply if you decide to cancel. Take time to make the right decision for you. Some things to consider:
    • In the event most or all of your courses are online, you may or may not want to live on campus. Social distancing guidelines are being enforced in the residential buildings. This means there are limited opportunities for group activities and visitation, and all in person activities will follow health and safety guidelines.
  • Returning students will live in North Ave South, 8th St. East, 10th and Home, and Hanson Residence Halls. Students living in suites or traditional rooms will not have a roommate. You can view the Summer Housing Option and Rates HERE.
  • Students must be enrolled for one or more credit hours for the Summer term to be eligible for summer housing
    • Students not enrolled for one or more credit hours should visit to learn about alternate housing options. 
    • Any Student who withdraws or is involuntarily removed from school will no longer be eligible for housing effective immediately upon withdrawal or removal and must check-out within twenty-four hours after withdrawal.
  • Information will be available in early April about Transition Day, when spring residents move to their summer assignment. 

The Application Process

The application process for returning students to live on-campus in Summer 2021 will take place throughout the spring. Important steps include:

  •  Start by completing the application in the MyHousing Portal  
    • Complete your application by April 30 
      • Roommate Search steps will be part of the summer application
      • Self-Assign: April 22 - 30
        • Students who complete an Early Short of Full Summer application by April 30 will be able to select their summer room assignment 
        • Late Short Summer residents will not self-assign
    • If you were not a resident in spring 2021, you will need to pay the $600 housing deposit.  
      • This $600 payment, along with your completed application and signed contract, qualifies you for a Room Selection Number. This payment can only be refunded if we are unable to assign you any accommodation. If we are unable place you in your preferred housing you have the option to cancel your contract, but that $600 is not refundable.
      • This payment is not a security deposit that is returned when you move out. $80 of the deposit go towards your Housing application fee, the other $520 will be applied to your first semester's rent. This application fee is only assessed once in a student's career at Georgia Tech. If you have applied and paid that fee previously, the full $600 pre-payment will be applied to your first semester's rent.
      • Please note: paying the $600 deposit AND completing the housing application process are both required to be considered for a space on campus.
  • Room selection numbers are based on student classification and credit hours earned at Georgia Tech at the end of the fall 2020 semester. Historically speaking, we are able to house all students who apply.
  • Information about move-in for summer in May 2021 will be announced later in spring on this page.

Transitioning to Your Summer Housing

Information will be announced in early April regarding Transition Day, the day when spring residents move to their summer housing assignment. Check back here for those important details!