Step 5: Review Details of Available Meal Plans

Screenshot of first step of Meal Plan Options - Contract
Action Item (1/4)

Select a meal plan from the first drop-down. You can review your options in advance on this page

  • First-year students will be required to choose either the Everyday or Weekday meal plans. If you do not select a meal plan, you will be automatically given the Everyday plan.
  • All others students will have the a range of options for meal plan needs, but none are required. 

Once you select the meal plan of your choice, you have the option add additional dining dollars.

Screenshot of the Additional Dining Dollars prompt

Screenshot of Dietary Needs/Preferences prompt.

After dining dollars, you will have a place to indicate any dietary restrictions you'd like our dining service to know about. This page will also ask about the Transact Mobile Ordering App, which we recommend you download so you can skip the line and save time when picking up food on campus.


Once you've made your selections for this page, click the navy "continue" button at the bottom.