Housing Check-In

Welcome to Georgia Tech! We’re excited that you’ll be living on campus, and we look forward to sharing all the details you will need as you transition into life at Tech. Please check back here frequently for updates on details regarding returning student move-in.

Spring 2022 Move-In Dates: January 7

Before You Move-In
  • Check back on this page for details on the check-in process and more as your move-in approaches.
  • Mark your calendar for your move-in appointment. You can view and change your move-in appointment in My Housing.
    • If you cannot move in during the official move-in days listed here, please follow the instructions found on this page.
    • Arriving from an international location? Visit this page to find more guidance and details on our limited self-isolation housing options.

  • If you do not already have a BuzzCard, submit your photo online following these guidelines.

  • If you haven't already, connect with your roommate to start the conversation about appliances, vaccination status and more. 

  • Visit Items to Bring (and what not to bring).

  • Get excited for Week of Welcome! Visit welcomehome.gatech.edu to find the link on our Guidebook and explore the full lists of events and workshops.
Information about Move-in Day
  • Before you depart for campus, review the map of how to get to campus and find check-in. 
  • Plan to arrive at our drive-thru check-in at the time of your move-in appointment.This check-in process is new for some of our returning students. Please note that you will need to go through the central check-in at the CRC and follow a prescribed route through campus to reach your residence hall. 
Arriving by car?
  • Look for signage directing you to single car and multi-car lanes.  
  • The check-in location has a maximum height of 7-feet 6-inches to enter. This means U-hauls and other taller vehicles won’t be able to enter.   
  • Make sure the incoming resident is in one of the front seats with their valid photo ID. 
Arriving by Rideshare?

Students arriving to campus via rideshare during move-in days have several options available for check-in:

Stay in the vehicle throughout the drive-through check-in process until unloading is complete.  

  • This option may be great for students with a lot of luggage, or those who will move to a hall on East Campus. If you would like to utilize this option, simply stay in the vehicle during the CRC Deck check-in process and let the driver know to follow volunteer instructions.  
  • Instructions will be provided during check-in, driving through campus, and as you approach the residence hall for unloading.  
  • Make sure to collect all of your belongings before the rideshare vehicle departs! 

Exit the vehicle at the Rideshare Check-in Point at the CRC Deck. 

  • This option may be great for students with very little luggage, and those who will move to a hall on West Campus. 
  • Immediately, prior to entering the CRC Deck for the drive through check-in process there will be a ride-share check-in point on the right accessible via a short road. The rideshare vehicle will be able to turn in, drop off the student, and turn-around to exit the Georgia Tech check-in process.  
  • The student should approach the check-in desk and provide their ID to begin the check-in process.  
  • Students will then receive direction to walk to their hall. If assistance is needed students should let the check-in volunteers know! 

Students arriving to campus via rideshare on non-official check-in days should …  

On business days, from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. should go to their area office.  At the office students will receive their key and a BuzzCard if available.  Moving bins will not be available on non-official move-in days.  

Students arriving to campus via rideshare after hours should…. 

If arriving after hours (after 8 p.m.) students should go to their hall and call the Resident Assistant on Duty (RAoD).  The phone number for the RAoD should be posted on a yellow card on or near the entrances of the buildings.  The RAo D will be able to check the student in and use a master key to let the student into their room.  The next day, the student will then either go to the CRC deck to get their keys (if there’s a check-in day), or go to get their keys from their area office. 

Arriving by Public Transit?

Those taking public transit should take MARTA to the Midtown/10th St station and then take the campus Gold Route to the Campus Recreation Center stop. Then follow the signs to check-in. Find the schedule for the Gold Route here.

If you arrive outside of official move-in times or after the Gold Route has stopped, we recommend a rideshare or call a Stingerette to bring you to your area office for check-in.

  • Please do your best to arrive at the time of your appointment. Check-in will be open 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. on weekends. If you are delayed and arrive after hours, please notify us at information@housing.gatech.edu.
    • When you arrive, call the RA on duty. You can find their number listed at the main entrance to each residence hall. They will let you into your space for the night. You'll visit your area office the next day for next steps.
  • From check-in our volunteers will direct you to your unloading zone
    • You will have 30 minutes to unload your items into the available large bins.
    • A driver will need to stay with your vehicle(s) during the unloading process.
    • As soon as your belongings are out our your vehicle(s), you will need to move to your long term parking spot.
    • To avoid unnecessary traffic in unloading zones, any passenger-only vehicles should skip the check-in process and go directly to long term parking at the Student Center Visitor Parking Deck or ER53 Deck before joining the unloading party.
  • Once your belongings are in your room, you have options.
    • If you plan to visit local stores to stock up on your needs, know that you will not be able to return to your unloading zone until after check-in hours conclude (8 a.m. - 8 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. on weekends). You will need to go back to your long term parkin area.
    • As you unpack, look for signage and spaces for recycling of cardboard boxes, styrofoam and plastic shopping bags.
    • If needed, submit a work order for repairs in your space, bed lofting requests, and similar.
    • Connect with your RA about your first floor meeting and other welcome activities.
  • To make your move-in as smooth as possible, see our Move-in Tips page. If you have additional questions, call the Housing & Residence Life team at 404.894.2470.

As you plan your arrival to Georgia Tech we ask that you limit the items you bring to essentials only. Be mindful and minimal as you pack your belongings to make your move-in experience as smooth as possible. By doing so, you help us encourage the safety of our volunteers and your fellow residents. Click below for information on recommended and prohibited items.

We know moving a student into their room is a big step. Additionally, the move-in process this year will be different from anything you've seen before as we work to maintain the safety of our community. Visit this page of tips and best practices to make this monumental move a smooth one. 

Maintenance Request

The facilities and maintenance services of Georgia Tech Housing provide routine and emergency maintenance and housekeeping services to GT residence halls.

What's in Your Room?

Check out what will be in your room when you arrive.  Read all about the furnishings for each room style, see diagrams and measurements for bedroom furniture, and learn how your bed can be set up.


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