Graduate Apartment Living Room

Welcome to your new home! To ensure a smooth move-in process, carefully review the dates and information about when to move in, how to get to your building, what to bring (and what to leave behind), and which Community Office you'll be using.

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Before Move-In

  • Visit Items to Bring (and what not to bring).
  • Contact your roommate(s) to discuss who will bring what!
  • Check out the Room Specifications page to see what is already in your room.
  • Tour your building and room online.


On Move-In Day

  • If you have questions, call the Central Housing Office at 404-894-2470.
  • To check in and pick up your room keys, go directly to your Area Office or designated location.
  • PICKING UP YOUR KEY IS CHECKING IN regardless if a student spends the night or is dropping off their belongings. There will be a $75 per night per student additional charge made to your Bursar account for early  move-in.
  • Bring your own dolly or hand-truck for a quicker move-in.
  • To assist you in your travel plans, see residence hall street addresses as there will be an increase in traffic volume and congestion during this time.

Returning Student 2018 Sign-Up Guide

Blue background with Sign-up Information January 26-March 4, 2018

Graduate Students - Welcome! Living on campus will allow you to experience everything Georgia Tech has to offer. Learn how to sign-up for next semester housing.

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Graduate Housing Brochure

Graduate Housing Brochure cover page; 3 students holding signs that say I 'heart' TECH

Georgia Tech’s two graduate housing facilities — 10th and Home and the Graduate Living Center — are perfect for graduate students and families looking for the convenience of on-campus housing along with the flexibility of off-campus apartments. Read the Graduate Housing Brochure for on-campus housing details.

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Items to Bring

Learn what you should bring and what you cannot bring. 

Male student with move-in cart filled with boxes during move-in days.

Move-in Tips

We get asked a lot of questions. We have a lot of answers for you.

GT Move-In sign on campus during move-in.