Information for Incoming Students

Welcome New Yellow Jackets!

We are so excited to be part of making Georgia Tech your home. We know new students have a lot of questions about housing, especially given the new health and safety measures we will all be practicing. Watch our Town Hall above on what move-in and residence life will be like this year, recorded on Tuesday, July 7th. Below you'll find more information incoming students need to know, both about our usual operations and what's different due to Covid-19. For additional questions you may have, don't hesitate to reach out to

Below you'll find the information an incoming resident needs to know in any year, based on our most frequently asked questions. 

What’s in the Room
Each room is furnished with beds, mattresses, desks, wardrobes, chest of drawers, blinds, recycle bins, trash bins and bed rails (upon request). These items must remain in the rooms at all times.

Maintenance Requests
Contact the maintenance team for repairs both inside your room and in common areas (hallways, lounges, bathrooms, etc.). If repairs are needed outside of business hours, contact the Student Staff Member on Duty.

Bed Rails and Lofting
Unless you request otherwise using the maintenance request link above, your bed will be at the highest level when you arrive (for beds in First-year Experience halls). It can be lowered to different heights through a maintenance request. The bed rails are important for safety - they are removable if you choose to have your bed at the lowest level, but must be attached if the bed frame is 36 inches or higher off the floor.

Role of Resident Assistants
RAs are a valuable resource who can help you make connections at Tech, provide security in the building, respond to incidents, mediate disputes, and organize activities. Remember, RAs are also students, which limits their responsibility. They cannot give a student medication, cannot drive a student in their personal vehicle, and cannot tell parents or guardians information about any student. Communicate with RAs often to stay informed and mitigate issues.

Roommates and Room Selection
Reach out to your roommate before the fall to get become acquainted and decide on what large items to bring (TV, microwave, refrigerator). Complete your roommate agreement and choose your room assignment via My Housing. Once you've moved in, you'll craft a roommate agreement to help maintain a good relationship while co-habitating. 

In-House Tech Support
Call Wreck Techs, a student-led technology support help desk dedicated to Housing residents, provide support for internet connections, laptop troubleshooting, cable tv, smart phones, gaming systems, streaming devices, etc.​

About Our Covid-19 Operations

Covid-19 has changed the way our on-campus services operate. We understand how uncertain these times are, and we are working to accommodate the needs of our campus community who continue to depend on these services. The safety and health of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority. Georgia Tech’s plan for in-person instruction and campus protocols due to Covid-19 may change as we continue to receive guidance from USG as well as local and national health officials. Please check this page and the Covid FAQ page for updates.

  • Masks will be required for move-in for students and their move-in group. If you don't have one, we will provide one for you.
  • Before departing for campus, we ask that everyone perform the daily self-checklist, which includes reviewing if you have any symptoms, recent contact with someone who was diagnosed with Covid-19, or have been asked to self-quarantine or isolate.
  • Sanitizing stations and enhanced surface area cleaning will also be incorporated into this year’s move-in process.
  • Before move-in, students will sign an acknowledgment of responsibility for health awareness and community accountability.
  • Volunteers will be present to assist while wearing masks.


Check-in Process

  • This year, we are implementing a drive-through check-in to limit contact between residents moving in. Residents will arrive within their 30-minute check-in window to begin the process.  
  • Check-in will take place inside the CRC Parking Deck and vehicles will enter off of Techwood Drive. The parking deck  has a maximum height of 7-feet 6-inches. This means U-hauls and other taller vehicles won’t be able to enter. 
  • Follow the signs for single car, multiple vehicles, or rideshare drop off. Stay together if you have multiple vehicles. Make sure the student is in one of the front seats and that they have their ID ready. 
  • Volunteers will give you a packet that includes your room key, your BuzzCard, and a map to your unloading and parking zones and will direct you to where to go next. 


Parking & Unloading 

  • As you leave the check-in location, you’ll head to your designated unloading zone on East Campus or West Campus, following the signs and the map included in your packet. Loading zones are color coordinated and volunteers will be present to direct you.
  • Residents will have 30 minutes to unload their vehicle(s). Volunteers will help you transfer your items from your vehicle into bins that you will park outside your residence hall. Your group will move your bin closer to your hall, where you will park it and carry your items on to your room by hand. For safety, volunteers will not bring your items into your room. 
  • Once unloading is complete, the driver can then relocate the vehicle(s) to the long-term parking locations referenced on their map. This will allow for other residents to unload.  
  • Once you’re parked in long-term parking, you have time to bring your items up to your room or unpack and settle into your new home. 


Life and Safety in the Residence Halls
There are a lot of unknowns at this point, however, we want you to know GT Housing and Residence Life is strategizing cleaning, programming and distancing initiatives to prevent the spread of disease, while still providing the community and support to enhance your academic success and promote your personal growth and development. Additionally, we have made several updates to our department policy and procedures. These changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased cleaning and scheduled closing to disinfect common area spaces. 

  • Providing resources for students to self-clean or wipe down kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas, if desired. 

  • Adjusting the guest policy to ensure that only residents assigned to that building, and select staff, are occupying the building at any given time.   

  • Implementing a modified residential programming model that adheres to CDC social distancing guidelines. 

  • Encouraging resident social distancing and other personal hygiene practices, including the use of a reusable facemask in all common areas.

  • Reserving the right to relocate any affected students to another room, hall, or other location in the event of a required self-quarantine or isolation as determined by Stamps Health Services. 

  • Many common spaces like workout facilities and some lounges will be closed until further notice. Other common spaces will be closed periodically for additional cleaning.


Quarantine - Who and How
Students who arrive to campus from abroad, and/or who show symptoms of and test positive for Covid-19 will need to quarantine. Upon notification of a positive case within a residence hall, the Covid-19-positive resident(s) will be moved to dedicated locations for isolation and quarantine.     

Georgia Tech will ensure that students who isolate or quarantine on campus receive accommodations from their instructors, any health services they need, and individually boxed meals delivered to their isolation/quarantine location.   

Belongings for residents who have to be temporarily relocated to isolation or quarantine rooms will have limited and essential belongings relocated to the new space; however, the majority of belongings will remain in the original room until the resident returns.  


Guests in the Halls
Due to Covid-19, there will be no guests or visitors allowed in the residence halls for at least the first eight (8) weeks of the semester. The department will assess this decision throughout the semester and provide ongoing, timely updates. Housing and Residence Life defines guests or visitors as individuals who are not assigned a room within the building. Residents who are assigned to the building will be permitted to visit other residents who are in the same assigned building.

We expect residents to adhere to no more than one guest per resident of an apartment or traditional style room at any given time. The RAs will work with roommate and apartment-mates to establish room/apartment agreements about how this will be managed.