Eligibility & Process

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Avoid the headache of traffic - sleep-in and return to your room multiple times during the day all while living around your friends. There are so many reasons to live on-campus, and we are glad you are considering staying with us. 

Before submitting your application, carefully read the deadlines, eligibility requirements, and process below.


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Eligibility Requirements for GT Housing

  • The terms "residents", "residence hall", "housing", and "on-campus" refer to all Georgia Tech Housing residence halls or their occupants. They do not include individual Greek houses on the Georgia Tech campus utilized by fraternities and sororities.
  • All applicants must have been accepted to Georgia Tech and accepted their offer of admission before they can apply for Georgia Tech Housing.
  • Applicants must be at least 16 years of age on the date of application for Georgia Tech Housing.
  • Applicants over 29 years of age must work with GT Housing to find the best living situation. The average age of graduate students who live in Georgia Tech on-campus housing is 24.
  • Residents must be enrolled for 9 credit hours in both the fall and spring semester to maintain eligibility. During summer sessions, 3 credit hours must be maintained.
    • Spring semester residents who have applied and received a reserved room for the upcoming fall semester may apply to live on-campus for the intermediate summer semester whether enrolled in classes or not.
  • The First-Year Experience Program and its related traditional residence halls are reserved exclusively for first-time college-enrolled students.
  • Undergraduate apartments are reserved for second-year and older students, based on matriculation date at Georgia Tech.
  • Family/Monthly Housing (Tenth & Home) applicants must be:
    • currently enrolled or admitted to Georgia Tech for the semester housing is requested.
    • and either
      • married and/or a single parent (have legal custody of a dependent child, or children) or
      • a single graduate student.
  • We do not provide housing for faculty or staff and/or their families.

Application Process

*All housing applicants:

  • Will be charged a one-time non-refundable $80 application fee.
  • Will be charged a one-time prepayment in the amount of $600. Prepayments are only requested again if applicants do not continuously live on campus; with the exception of summer.
  • This prepayment is applied to the first semester rent.

Specific assignment is contingent upon availability and is NOT GUARANTEED. If a desired space is not available, the student will be assigned the next available space. Contracts are NOT terminated if desired space or style is unavailable.

New Students

New First-Year and Transfer

Once you have secured your spot at Georgia Tech by confirming your intent to enroll and paying the $250 enrollment deposit via ePay you can apply for on-campus housing in My Housing.

New First-Year, Transfer, and Graduates

All students seeking on-campus housing must first submit their housing prepayment, then complete the online application. This housing prepayment – less a one-time, nonrefundable $80 application fee – will apply toward rent for the first semester. New first-year and transfer students who submit the prepayment and signed application/contract by May 1 will receive priority housing for their first year. New graduates are encouraged to complete the application/contract process by May 1.

Students who complete the application/contract by the appropriate date can make roommate preference selections. If you don't know who you would like to live with, our housing application has a roommate finder. Room Selection Numbers for assignment purposes are based on the date and time that the housing contract is accepted. The earlier you apply increases your chances of getting the room of your choice!

Returning Students

Returning students who apply for academic year, spring, or summer housing before the indicated deadlines will receive priority housing and will be given a room selection number. The room selection numbers will be sorted by and within class status according to the number of credit hours earned at Georgia Tech at the end of the previous fall semester. The lower the room selection number, the better. Rising second-year students’ room selection numbers begin after the upper-class students’ room selection numbers.

A rising second-year student is a first-year student who enrolled at Georgia Tech in summer or fall of the academic previous year. You are considered a rising second-year student even if your class status is sophomore, junior, or senior due to your AP credit hours.

Family-Monthly Students

Assignment priority is based on the date and time that the housing contract is accepted within order of the following categories; students with children (married or un-married), then students with spouse, then single graduate students. There is no guaranteed deadline. A qualified student for whom space is not available will be placed on a waiting list and notified of his/her status. Families with three or four members will be assigned a two-bedroom apartment. No more than four persons may reside in a two-bedroom apartment.

Step 1: Apply at My Housing

New First-Year & Transfer Students

  • Pay your $250 institute acceptance fee at ePay.
  • Two steps are required to complete your Housing application: 
    • Pay Housing prepayment on the Deposit tab at ePay.
    • Complete your application/contract in My Housing.

Undergrad and Grad Students

  1. Begin your application in My Housing

My Housing Instructions

  1. Log in using your GT Account and email password.
  2. Choose on the gold bar:
  • “Application”
  • "Family-Monthly Application" (if eligible)

  3. Select the appropriate term.

  • Housing does not offer a Fall Only contract.
  • Summer first-year students may only select Late Short Summer.

  4. Click on “Begin Application” to start.

Step 2: Make a Pre-Payment

You will need to either make a $600 prepayment, or if you are a returning student you may choose to accept a delay of prepayment. Returning students who live on campus continuously, with the exception of summer, or if your expected family contribution is $18,000 or less according to your financial aid records you will receive a delay of prepayment automatically.  If you are a President’s Scholar, Tech Promise, or student staff member, your delay of prepayment is automatically assessed when you apply online.

To make your prepayment be sure to select the Deposits tab on the navigation bar of the ePay page. Select the term for which you wish to make your housing prepayment.

To complete the payment page, you will be asked to accept the Application Cancellation Penalty Schedule. Penalties will be assessed to your student account if you cancel.

Step 3: Complete Application

Accept Contract

Carefully read and accept the contract electronically. An application is considered complete after you accept the contract. Penalties will be assessed after this step.

Contact Phone Number

It is to your advantage to list your best contact phone number or cell phone number so we can contact you quickly in case we have questions about your application/room assignment.

Family Housing: Once you have completed the online application, Georgia Tech Housing will e-mail you.

Roommate Preferences

If you would like to request a specific roommate, you can add that person to your application by entering ALL of the following: gtID#, Last Name, First Name.


If you do not have a specific person in mind, you can compare profiles and find new potential roommates based on how they match your profile; the system can give you a listing of potential roommates from which to choose. You can then contact any potential roommates by email using your screen name on this step.

Roommate request(s) can be updated until you self-assign or, if you are in a program, until an assignment is made for you.

When you are accepted as a requested roommate, or your request for a roommate has been accepted or rejected, the system will send you an email inviting you to return to the portal to review and update your roommate selection(s).

To be eligible for an assignment together, you must have either requested someone who accepted your request or accepted someone who requested you. 

Room Search & Assign

Students who apply by the designated deadline will receive a Room Selection Number and timeslot to self-assign to a room. If you have an “accepted” roommate(s), the student with the earliest room selection timeslot may use their timeslot to self-assign and place any “accepted” roommate(s) in the room, also. We recommend requesting and accepting all potential roommates before the room selection process begins.

Please be courteous to fellow students and DO NOT login to My Housing before your timeslot to avoid overloading the server. During the self-assign period a room list will be available.

Once you have an assignment you can change that room assignment and reassign to another room until self-assign is closed. You may view your assignment in your application on the Room and Roommate Step.

Georgia Institute of Technology Housing reserves the right to reassign students for the purpose of consolidation.

Check the website for dates, deadlines, and instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to self-assign, GT Housing will make your room assignment based on availability.

Student Groups

Instructions for Athlete Housing

If you are living in student athlete housing, you should see only the steps listed below. If you see additional steps, please contact Delvin Jones at 404-894-5439.

  • Welcome
  • Pay or Delay of Prepayment (accept penalty schedule)
  • Accept Contract
  • Contact Phone Number

Your coach will provide GT Housing with your room assignment.

Instructions for Staff Members

Please do not apply for housing until you are notified whether you have or have not been offered a staff position. After you accept your position, you will receive an email letting you know that you can apply for housing. You should see only the steps listed below. If you see additional steps please email staffselection@housing.gatech.edu.

  • Welcome
  • Delay of Payment (accept penalty schedule)
  • Accept Contract
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Profile Screen Name
  • Roommate Preferences
Student Programs &
Living Learning Communities

Returning students in these groups will not be able to self-assign. GT Housing will make these room assignments based on information provided by the program's coordinator.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing is available upon request. You may find information and the request form here.

Room Swap

Yes! You can change your room yourself! A room swap is when two students agree to switch rooms and perform the swap online themselves. Simply log-in to My Housing and use the Room Swap tab on the gold bar. Advertise your room and search for another advertised room you might like to change into. Direct messages can be sent to each other through the Room Swap process.

Steps to complete a room swap:

  1. Student A and Student B log into Room Swap, indicate building preferences and advertise their rooms.
  2. Student A "Requests" to swap with Student B.
  3. Student B logs back into Room Swap and clicks "Accept" the request.
  4. Student A logs back into Room Swap and clicks on “Initiate Swap” by Students B’s name.
  5. Student A MUST then click "Complete Swap" on the Room Swap confirmation page.

The Swap is now complete!

Room Swap will be available after room assignments are completed. Swaps can be made until Friday, July 31, 2020. If you know someone who plans to cancel and you want to swap to that room, be sure to complete a room swap PRIOR to that student canceling their housing contract/room online. Also, you may submit an Administrative Room Change Request which gives Georgia Tech Housing permission to change your room assignment.

Those in Student Staff rooms, Living Learning Communities, Student Programs, Athletic housing, and Family-Monthly apartments are not able to use Room Swap. Changes for these rooms will need to be requested by the program coordinator or assignments office.