Eligibility & Process

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Avoid the headache of traffic - sleep-in and return to your room multiple times during the day all while living around your friends. There are so many reasons to live on-campus, and we are glad you are considering staying with us. 

Before submitting your application, carefully read the deadlines, eligibility requirements, and process below.

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How to Find a Roommate

If you would like to request a specific roommate, you can add that person to your application by entering ALL of the following: gtID#, Last Name, First Name.


If you do not have a specific person in mind, you can compare profiles and find new potential roommates based on how they match your profile; the system can give you a listing of potential roommates from which to choose. You can then contact any potential roommates by email using your screen name on this step.

Roommate request(s) can be updated until you self-assign or, if you are in a program, until an assignment is made for you.

When you are accepted as a requested roommate, or your request for a roommate has been accepted or rejected, the system will send you an email inviting you to return to the portal to review and update your roommate selection(s).

To be eligible for an assignment together, you must have either requested someone who accepted your request or accepted someone who requested you. 

How to Self-Assign

Students who apply by the designated deadline will receive a Room Selection Number and time slot to self-assign to a room. At the given time, follow the steps below to complete your room assignment.

  1. Login to My Housing and select the Self-Assign tab on the gold navigation bar, then choose the 2021-2022 Application. 

  2. View the Room List: You can narrow your room search on the Room List step by Room Type, Area, Building, and Rooms. You will only be able to see buildings/rooms in which you are eligible to live for 2021-2022.  

    • If you have an “accepted” roommate(s), the student with the earliest room selection time slot should use their time slot to self-assign and place any accepted roommates in the room also. Only roommates who accepted their group invitation will be pulled into that room.
    • If you do not have a confirmed roommate, please search for an open room in an apartment where other students have been assigned. Please do not select a room in an empty apartment unless there are no other options. 
  3. ADD TO CART the room you want for yourself. 

  4. Select a bed for yourself.  

  5. Click ASSIGN BEDS.  

Note: You can use Room Change to make changes to your room assignment. 


  • The MyHousing portal will experience a high volume of traffic when self-assign opens. Rather than use that system to explore your room options, we recommend you visit the Available Rooms page (linked in the email with your time slot information) until closer to your time slot. 
  • Once you have an assignment you can change that room assignment and reassign to another room until self-assign is closed. You may view your assignment in your application on the Room and Roommate Step.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Housing reserves the right to reassign students.
  • If you fail to self-assign by the designated time, Housing & Residence Life will make your room assignment based on availability.

How to Room Swap

After Self-Assign ends, students can still change their room! A room swap means two students agree to switch rooms and perform the swap online themselves. Simply log-in to My Housing and use the Room Swap tab on the gold bar. Advertise your room and search for another advertised room you that suits you better. Direct messages can be sent to other students through the Room Swap process.

Steps to complete a room swap:

  1. Student A and Student B log into Room Swap, indicate building preferences and advertise their rooms.
  2. Student A "Requests" to swap with Student B.
  3. Student B logs back into Room Swap and clicks "Accept" the request.
  4. Student A logs back into Room Swap and clicks on “Initiate Swap” by Students B’s name.
  5. Student A MUST then click "Complete Swap" on the Room Swap confirmation page. The Swap is now complete!

Room Swap will be available after room assignments are completed. Swaps can be made until July 31, 2021. If you know someone who plans to cancel and you want to swap to that room, be sure to complete a room swap PRIOR to that student canceling their housing contract/room online. You can also submit an Administrative Room Change Request, which gives Georgia Tech Housing permission to change your room assignment.

Those in Student Staff rooms, Living Learning Communities, Student Programs, Athletic housing, and Family-Monthly apartments are not eligible for Room Swap. Changes for these rooms should be requested by the program coordinator or assignments office.