Covid-19 Changes FAQs

Updated 11/9/20

As we plan for fall, we recognize the ramifications of Covid-19 may present a number of concerns for our residents. There are a lot of unknowns at this point; however, we want you to know that Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life is developing enhanced cleaning protocols, programming and distancing initiatives to prevent the spread of disease, while still providing the community and support to enhance your academic success and promote your personal growth and development. Additionally, we have made adjustments to our policy and procedures - you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions about our plan for fall below.

Thinking About Spring Semester

Spring Housing Options
What if I no longer wish to live on campus?

If you currently have a room for fall, you are under the 2020-2021 Academic Year Housing Contract. If you cancel the spring 2021 semester, you will be charged full spring rent. For more specifics, visit this page.

What if I applied for Spring 2021 housing but no longer wish to live on campus?

If you have signed a Spring Only 2021 housing application that opened in October and cancel before November 15, you will be charged $300 (there is a one-time $80 application fee). After November 15 you will be charged $600.

What if I plan to co-op, intern, or study abroad in spring?

If you are a Georgia Tech intern, co-op, or studying abroad student, you must obtain an electronically signed Verification of Employment/Study Abroad form from your program advisor/coordinator and submit it to Housing and Residence Life using the Resources tab in My Housing. Then you can cancel your housing contract on the Resources tab in My Housing.

Can I switch from my current room to a different room in spring?

Unfortunately, Room Swap is open to incoming Spring residents only. 

Over the Break
What should I do to prepare for leaving over winter break?

Leaving your campus housing for the winter break? You can set yourself up for a nice return to campus by preparing your room for an extended unoccupied period. Our recommendations include:

  • Take this survey to let us know your plans
  • Dispose of all trash in appropriate dumpsters
  • Throw away perishable food from your refrigerator
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Be sure your alarm clock is off
  • Turn your AC/heating unit to Medium temperature and the fan to the lowest speed
  • Turn off your lights
  • Shut off computer
  • If you have a bike on campus, take it to your room during break. (All bikes will be removed, impounded and disposed of from all storage rooms and racks at the end of spring semester.)
What should I know if I'm staying in my room for winter break?
  • If you are going to remain in your room during the break, please let us know your plans by filling out this survey.
  • Be advised that residence hall staff will be entering all rooms during the break to perform health and safety inspections. Additionally, staffing will be more limited - for questions and concerns during the break you should start by contacting your area office

  • If you have a bike on campus, please store your bike in your room during the break. All bicycles remaining in storage rooms and racks after December 13, 2020 will be removed and discarded.

  • Traditional hall residents need to remove all personal items from common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and study rooms by Sunday, December 13, even if you are staying for the break.

  • To find information on dining, transportation, CRC, and other services you’ll need over the break visit the Campus Services website.


Safety in our Halls

Where can I get tested for Covid-19?  

We need all residents to get tested once a week in order to keep our community healthy, so we've made it easier with several testing sites located around residence halls every week:

  • Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. @ the Curran Parking Deck

  • Monday & Tuesday, 12 - 4 p.m. @ the GT Connector

  • Wednesday & Thursday, 12 - 4 p.m. @ NAve Centennial Room

  • Friday, 12 - 4 p.m. @ Tenth & Home Activity Room

Register and get your testing barcode at Additional testing sites are available on campus, find more information on this page. Thanks for making testing a part of your weekly routine!

What is Housing and Residence Life doing to promote the health and well-being of residential students in response to Covid-19?  

There are a lot of unknowns at this point, however, we want you to know GT Housing and Residence Life is strategizing cleaning, programming and distancing initiatives to prevent the spread of disease, while still providing the community and support to enhance your academic success and promote your personal growth and development. Additionally, we have made several updates to our department policy and procedures. These changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased cleaning and scheduled closing to disinfect common area spaces. 

  • Providing resources for students to self-clean or wipe down kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas, if desired. 

  • Adjusting the guest policy to ensure that only residents assigned to that building, and select staff, are occupying the building at any given time.   

  • Implementing a modified residential programming model that adheres to CDC social distancing guidelines. 

  • Encouraging resident social distancing and other personal hygiene practices, including the use of a reusable facemask.  

  • Reserving the right to relocate any affected students to another room, hall, or other location in the event of a required self-quarantine or isolation as determined by Stamps Health Services. 

What if a residential student does not feel well and is experiencing symptoms? 

In the event a resident does not feel well or is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, we ask them to reference the Coronavirus Decision Tree linked below. Those residents should operate based on that guidance. 

What if a resident is immunocompromised?  

Residents with pre-existing conditions that put them at greater risk from Covid-19 are entitled to some accommodations through the Office of Disability Services. If you are concerned about your health risks, please contact the Office of Disability Services at 404-894-2563 to discuss your needs.

What are the wellness guidelines and community standards?

Wellness Guidelines were sent to incoming residential students on June 23, along with a limited opportunity to cancel housing contracts without penalty by Tuesday, June 30 due to those wellness adjustments and fall 2020 expectations. These guidelines include a number of protocols including but not limited to reducing access to common spaces, enhanced cleaning and adjusted guest policy, and limited face-covering requirements. The purpose of this cancellation window was to allow students an opportunity to cancel due to the enhanced community expectations for safety and cleanliness. Due to the implicit nature of the residential environment, it is imperative that residential students understand and participate in shared responsibilities to enhance safety.   

Will Georgia Tech provide on-campus residents with face coverings and any other preventative supplies?  

All residential students will receive a wellness kit upon move-in that includes a thermometer, a cloth mask, health information, hand sanitizer, and tips for accessing other campus services.

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life staff utilize?

Housing and Residence Life staff will follow the same Institute’s employee PPE requirements as everyone else. More information on these requirements can be found here

Housing and Residence Life staff that must enter residential rooms will be required to wear appropriate PPE at all times.  

How is Georgia Tech assigning rooms to students in light of Covid-19? 

Room assignments are complete for 2020-2021 all with the exception of first-year assignments and waitlist assignments. Those will be made after the close of the penalty-free cancellation period in order to avoid confusion and free up as many beds as possible to accommodate incoming first-year students, transfer students, and upper-class students who are on the waiting list.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life has proposed a model for housing in the fall maintaining double occupancy of residential rooms in traditional buildings that have common bathrooms on each floor.  

All triple and quadruple rooms in traditional residence halls will be eliminated for Fall 2020. We will work to maximize the number of single-occupancy residences available. 

Will first-year residents be able to request a single occupancy room?

Georgia Tech Housing is still finalizing room inventory details and has yet to communicate if any single rooms will be available for the fall 2020 semester. It is the goal of Georgia Tech Housing to offer a limited number of single rooms, but this has yet to be confirmed. If single rooms become available, communications will be distributed to residents via email.

 Does double occupancy apply to apartments? 

No. Apartments are considered single occupancy since there is one person per room.  

Residence Life in 2020

Social distancing requirements are by floor; are friends on other floors in the building allowed to visit/hangout?  

All meeting spaces in residence halls will be closed for the first eight weeks of the semester. Other common spaces that are more essential will have scheduled closings throughout the day to allow the housekeeping team to clean and disinfect the space. Occupancy of those common spaces will be limited to adhere to social distancing practices, including limiting occupancy of community restrooms. Residence hall water fountains are being changed to hydration stations.  

Housing events will have an online component, and a reservation system will be deployed to limit in-person attendance. 

What is the guest policy under Covid-19 operations?  

Due to Covid-19, there will be no guests or visitors allowed in the residence halls. Housing and Residence Life defines guests or visitors as individuals who are not assigned a room within the building. Residents who are assigned to the building will be permitted to visit other residents who are in the same assigned building.

We expect residents to adhere to no more than one guest (from within the hall) per resident of an apartment or traditional style room at any given time. The RAs will work with roommate and apartment-mates to establish room/apartment agreements about how this will be managed. 

I heard that Georgia Tech plans to end fall instruction by Thanksgiving and conduct finals via a hybrid format. Can I remain in Housing after Thanksgiving?

Assuming the institution’s academic schedule does not change, residents will be able to remain in housing through the entire calendar year and until the spring 2021 semester begins.