Apply for Spring Housing


October 5 | Spring application opens for priority self-assign  

November 5 – 17 | Self-Assignment & Roommate Selection* Opens - pending availability and capacity 

November 19 | Room Swap - open to new spring applicants only

January 13 | New spring resident move-in - details coming in November

January 14 | First day of spring classes

*if you have a would like or already have a roommate in mind, you must pair with them in StarRez before selecting your room.

Spring Housing FAQs

What if I want to wait until I know my course delivery? 

We know your course delivery could heavily determine how you approach your semester, and that our housing availability decreases the longer you wait. You should not commit to the housing contract before you are absolutely sure you want to live on campus, as charges apply if you decide to cancel.  Some things to consider:

  • In the event most or all of your courses are remote, you may or may not want to live on campus, especially with a roommate. Single occupancy rooms are available.
  • It's okay if you aren't ready for living in communal housing during Covid-19. 
  • Social distancing guidelines are being enforced in the residential buildings. This means there are limited opportunities for group activities and visitation. 

We are eager for you to join us on campus, but if you are undecided about living on campus for the spring semester, that’s okay. Take time to make the right decision for you. Spring 2021 Housing applications will be accepted even after move-in in January.

How do I choose my roommate? 

If you have a roommate in mind and you've both submitted your housing application will be able to match together in the MY HOUSING portal. Whichever roommate has the earlier self-assign time should select the room and pull-in their roommate in the portal.

If you do not have a roommate in mind, you can search within the MY HOUSING portal and review profiles of other unmatched residents.

How do I contact my assigned roommate? 

New room and roommate information is available to view through MY HOUSING. Simply login, open the 2020-2021 Application, and click on the Room and Roommate(s) Info step. There you will see contact information for roommates.

When will Spring 2021 housing charges appear on my bursars account? 

The charge for Spring Housing has already been assessed and should now appear on your account.

What if I applied for Spring 2021 housing but no longer wish to live on campus?

If you canceled on or before November 15 you will receive a refund of $300 of the prepaid rent. (First time housing applicants will receive $220.) If you accepted a delay of prepayment you will be billed $300. (First time housing will be billed $380.)

If you cancel after November 15 you will not receive a refund. If a delay of prepayment was accepted you will be billed $600.

If you fail to cancel on or before the last Saturday prior to the first day of class Spring Semester you will be considered a “no-show” and will be responsible for the full rental amount for the entire length of the contract regardless of occupancy or enrollment in Georgia Tech.

If you cancel on or after the first day of class you will be responsible for the full rental amount for the entire length of the contract (two semesters) regardless of occupancy or enrollment in Georgia Tech.


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Housing contracts and cancellation policies are available on the Contracts page.


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Rules of Conduct, facility & community handbook, and more are under Policies.

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