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 Frequently Asked Questions
​​How much of a time committment is FAB?

FAB meets weekly from 8:30 PM- 10:00 PM. Members might meet outside of that time for bonding, planning, or when events occur. On average you will be spending 2-3 hours a week doing FAB related work.

What will I get out of FAB?

Along with setting the tone for all of your peers Georgia Tech experience, you will get the chance to work with and likely befriend 29 highly motivated leaders. In addition to that, you will get the opportunity to connect with 7 upperclassmen students and work closely with the Professional Staff advisor in helping you develop your leadership skills.

What is a FAB weekly?

A FAB weekly is created by the FAB members and placed in the bathroom stalls in the residence hall. Each week a group of FAB members will design the FAB weekly and a designated FAB member will deliver these to your residence hall. They will typically be changed every Tuesday night following the FAB meeting.

What is a FABber?

'FABber' is the name we give to the members of FAB.

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