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Freshman Experience (FE)

Freshman Experience (FE) Program Office Staff


Brett Hulst - 404-894-5680

Position: Associate Director of Residence Life
Education: B.S.Ed Health Promotion/Behavior, University of Georgia; M.Ed. Higher Education Student Affairs Administration, University of Vermont

"Working in a university environment surrounded by students as they strive to learn about themselves and the world around them is always exciting and rewarding. I have the pleasure of working with residents as they first move away from home until they finish as experts in their chosen fields.  I come to work every day knowing that I get to interact with the people who will have huge impacts on their communities and in our world. Great students and a great institution -- that is the reason I love my role at Georgia Tech."

Kourtney Bowie  

Kourtney Bowie - 404-894-3046

Position: Administrative Professional II
Education: B.S. Sociology, Clayton State University

"Having the opportunity to work with incoming Georgia Tech students is an honor. I enjoy seeing the transformation that students undergo throughout their first year. Being away from home can be overwhelming at times, and I look forward to becoming a familiar face that will help them feel at ease." 


Amanda Morgan - 404-894-8481

Position:Area Manager for Armstrong, Caldwell, Fitten, Folk, Freeman, Fulmer, Hefner, and Montag, supervising three full-time Hall Directors
Education: B.A History, B.SEd Social Studies Education, University of Georgia; M.Ed. College Student Affairs Administration, University of Georgia

“I am excited to work with first-year students at Georgia Tech. I believe the Freshman Experience brings the opportunity for our wonderful students to live, learn, connect, and grow in a positively-oriented community environment. I am dedicated to the mission of the Freshman Experience, ensuring that the program creates a living-learning community that supports successful transition of new students to the Georgia Tech culture.”

Keith Echols  

Keith Echols - 404-894-5685

Position: Area Manager for Brown, Cloudman, Harris, Harrison, Howell, Smith and Towers, supervising three full-time Hall Directors
Education: B.S Information Technology, Georgia Southern University; M.S. Higher Education, Florida State University

"I consider it a privilege to be able to work with the first-year students here at Georgia Tech. As these students are beginning their transition into adulthood, we have the opportunity to partner with them on this wonderful journey. I am passionate about helping first-year students to become well-rounded, positive members of our campus, local, and global communities. The first year in the life of a student is a time of much change and growth, and I am excited to be a part of that process in a positive way!"

 Christopher Ruiz

Christopher Ruiz - 404-894-1141

Position: Area Manager for Glenn, Field, Fourth Street, Goldin, Hopkins, Hanson, Hayes, Perry, Matheson and Stein
Education: B.A. Psychology, Texas Tech University; M.Ed Higher Education: Student Affairs, Texas Tech University

"Working with the Freshmen Experience students is very exciting. The students are very motivated and dedicated to do what they say they are going to do. In my time here at Georgia Tech I have found the students to consistently strive for more and I am excited to see what things are in store for these students throughout the year."

Mandy Garcia  

Mandy Garcia - 404-385-6588

Position: Hall Director for Cloudman, Harrison, and Howell
Education: B.A. Spanish, B.F.A. Studio Art, New Mexico State University; M.A. Higher Education, University of Arizona

"Hello! I am thrilled to be working with such a talented and diverse student body here at Georgia Tech. I'm honored to be working with the Freshmen Experience, aiding first-year students with their transition to the institute and creating environments where students can live, learn, and thrive."


Tierra Clemmons - 404-385-7674

Position: Hall Director for Gray, Hayes, Matheson, and Perry
Education: B.A. Broadcast Journalism - The University of Southern Mississippi and M.A. in Higher Education Administration/Student Affairs - Louisiana State University



Hillary Roviaro - 404-385-6575

Position: Hall Director for Glenn
B.A. International Affairs, Rollins College; M.A. Student Affairs in Higher Education with a concentration in Diversity, Equity, and Culture, Miami University.

So much of the college experience happens outside of the classroom and in the residence halls. I enjoy working alongside students to make that time meaningful.  Be it developing friendships, gaining leadership skills, or engaging in active citizenship, there is a lot to be learned, and I am grateful to be a part of the journey.!"


Travis Liggins - 404-385-6584

Position: Hall Director for Towers
Education: B.S. Multinational Business Operations, The Florida State University; M.Ed. Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration, University of South Carolina.

"Serving as a central nexus of living and learning, I believe working within a residence hall in the Freshman Experience will best serve students by providing many opportunities to get involved in their campus community. The student staff and I have the privilege of aiding first-year students' academic success and personal development while attending Georgia Tech. I am eager to assist your students to seize their future by connecting with their peers on campus, members of the surrounding Atlanta community, and beyond."


Quenesha Ward - 404-385-6585

Position: Hall Director for Smith, Brown, and Harris Residence Halls
Education:  B.S. Exercise and Sport Science, The University of Alabama; M.A. Sport Management, The University of Alabama

"While serving in this role, my goal is providing students with a holistic environment that welcomes growth and development.  Freshman Experience gives first-year students the opportunity for instant connectivity inside the halls and build the "home away from home" atmosphere.  Students are creating an environment where they can learn where they live and I am excited to aid new students with their transition at Georgia Tech!"

Brett Scharf

Brett Scharf - 404-385-3713

Position: Hall Director for Fitten, Freeman, and Montag
Education: B.A. Health Science, University of Florida; M.P.H. Epidemiology, University of Florida

"As part of the Freshmen Experience, I aim to provide a home away from home that encourages both personal and professional development for students. The opportunities are endless, as is my excitement to be part of the Georgia Tech family!"


Jeremy Brown - 404-385-6586

Position: Hall Director for Folk, Fulmer, and Caldwell
Education: B.F.A. Art & Design, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; M.A. Higher Education, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Being a Hall Director in Folk, Fulmer, and Caldwell, I look forward to helping both students and staff to build a safe community for everyone to live, learn, and be engaged in. I also want to help the first-year students in my area to develop both personally and professionally, as well as succeed academically. I am very excited to make an impact in the Freshman Experience area here at Georgia Tech!"

Sarah Strohmenger  Picture  

Sarah Strohmenger - 404-385-7611

Position: Hall Director for Armstrong and Hefner
Education: B.S. Psychology, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; M.A. Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, Ball State University

"The first year of college is a time for discovery. Students will start to step outside of their comfort zones, challenge themselves to think in new ways, and learn more than they ever might have thought about themselves and what they hope to achieve. Through the Freshman Experience at Georgia Tech, students on campus will be supported as they explore all of these things during their first year. I am so excited to be a part of this journey and look forward to helping each student discover who they can become during their time at Georgia Tech."


Carson Dinger - 404-385-6574

Position: Hall Director for Hopkins, Field, Stein, and Goldin 
Education: BS in Psychology and Sociology from South Dakota State University.  MS in Higher Education Administration from Texas A&M University.  I enjoy working with residential students because working where students live gives the unique opportunity to have an impact on and to then assess student learning.  Additionally, we have the chance to work with students in learning what it means to be a positive part of a local and global community.

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