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Cancellation Policies
To cancel your housing contract/application, log into your My Housing account, choose the appropriate application, and cancel.

Upon completion of on-line cancellation, the Student will receive a confirmation e-mail which should be retained as proof of cancellation. Cancellation penalties are assessed regardless of the time that you are accepted to GT and regardless of when you apply for housing.

The information provided below is an excerpt from the Housing Contract. Omission of any part of the contract on this page does not negate the complete cancellation policy the contract contains.


Cancellation Policy--Before Contract Begins:

Contract Termination by Student--After Contract Begins: 

If terminating after the Contract begins, the Student is responsible for the full rental amount for the entire length of the contract. Prior to withdrawal from Georgia Institute of Technology, the Student must submit a written notice of cancellation to the Department of Housing, Student Services Building, 353 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30332-0459.

A Student desiring to terminate this Contract prior to the expiration of this Contract may do so without full penalty only for reasons listed in Section A, below. Submission of the “Letter Of Appeal” Does Not Release The Student From This Contract. The Student may be released from this Contract only by following the procedures listed below in Section A.

A. A student withdrawing from Georgia Institute of Technology Department of Housing for one of the following reasons will be charged a prorated amount based on days of occupancy: (1) Graduation, (2) Marriage, (3) Military, (4) Medical, (5) Georgia Institute of Technology Co-op Program, (6) Georgia Institute of Technology Required Internship, Study Abroad, or (7) Academic Drop. The release must occur during the Semester for which the Student is requesting to be released (i.e., for a marriage release, the marriage must take place during the semester the Student is asking for the request for withdrawal within 30 days prior to the requested effective date of contract termination.) Georgia Institute of Technology shall determine the sufficiency of the documentation presented. Otherwise, the Student will be responsible for the remainder of the Contract (rent and fees).

B. Graduation withdrawal requires written verification of graduation from the Registrar’s Office. Marriage withdrawal requires the original signed marriage certificate. Military withdrawal requires original military orders and withdrawal from Georgia Institute of Technology. Medical withdrawal requires the signed recommendation and supporting documentation from a licensed practicing physician. A Georgia Institute of Technology Student Health Services physician will review and make recommendations to the Executive Director of Housing for all medical withdrawal requests. All medical withdrawal requests are unique. The types of situations that may warrant an approval of a Medical withdrawal include, but are not limited to, unexpected medical condition or change(s) to an existing medical condition. All requests for Medical withdrawals will be determined on a case by case basis.

C. Georgia Institute of Technology Co-op Program, Georgia Institute of Technology Internships and Study Abroad Program require written documentation from the appropriate Department Head or Dean. Co-op and Georgia Institute of Technology Internships release need to extend 35 miles from the Georgia Institute of Technology main campus.

The Department of Housing will make copies of the above requested original documents. (If not in English a certified English translation is required).

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