Move Out FAQs

Updated 4/16/20
The University System of Georgia (USG) has decided that all 26 institutions will move to online instruction for all courses for the remainder of the semester with extremely limited exceptions. This action comes following last week’s decision to suspend instruction for two weeks to ensure business and instructional continuity, and to allow further state assessment of COVID-19. Georgia Tech residence halls will be closed, with minimal exceptions for students unable to return home, or who cannot find housing elsewhere.

Housing and Residence Life has heard your concerns; we recognize some conflicting messaging has created confusion and anxiety. Much of the feedback we received yesterday was about being unable to move out before March 29 and an inability to cover the expense of a packing service. To better serve our residents and their families, we are allowing residents to leave items in their rooms for the remainder of the term. 


I left my belongings in my room and am no longer on campus. When can I get my possessions?

UPDATED April 24, 2020: With guidance and approval of the University System of Georgia (USG), Housing and Residence Life is asking residents not to return to campus to collect possessions until May 4, 2020. Residents can request a date and time to return to campus between May 4—31, 2020, to collect belongings. If residents choose to return to campus to collect possessions during this timeframe, we ask they email with the subject line “In-Person Collect Belongings- COVID-19” and include the requested date to collect belongings, time, GTID and current room. We will respond as quickly as possible with an approved date and time, taking social distancing requirements into consideration.

As an alternative solution, residents may opt for a pack and ship company of their choice to collect their remaining possessions. If residents choose to select a third-party company, we ask they email with the subject line “Third-Party Assistance- COVID-19” and include the requested date to collect belongings, time, GTID and current room. We will respond as quickly as possible with an approved date and time, confirming that the room can be opened by a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff and access provided to the company or individual of choosing. While Georgia Tech does not endorse any particular company, a list of potential vendors are available below.

Move My Dorm:
Armstrong Relocation:

Berger Moving & Storage: 800-221-8458;  

ALS Van Line Services: 404-629-0223

Dorm Room Movers: 866-930-6570
PakMail: 770-587-2898
MyPorter Full-Service Storage: 404-549-5106
Flood Brothers: 866-528-9137
ShipSmart: (404) 576-5757
Handled: (314) 319-6755

In the event a resident is unable to retrieve their belongings or have them retrieved by the May 31 deadline, we ask they email with the subject line “Can’t Collect- COVID-19” and a current phone number to discuss their situation. We will call the resident back as quickly as possible.

We are asking all residents with remaining possessions to contact Housing and Residence Life with their approach to collect their belongings no later than Friday, May 1, 2020.

What if I took everything home but still have my key?  

Updated March 18, 2020: If you have moved off campus but still have your key, please include your GTID number,  area of campus (West, East, North, North Ave), and mail your key to Georgia Tech Housing as soon as possible to the below address. Please use the United States Postal Service (USPS) if possible. 

353 Ferst Drive  
c/o Tammy Wright   
Suite 102  
Atlanta, GA 30332  

Will I receive a housing or dining reimbursement?

Updated April 13, 2020: All 26 University System of Georgia institutions have been given instruction to issue partial refunds to students, especially those required to move out of on-campus housing and those who no longer have access to dining services. Most of these refunds went out the week of April 6th, but some might not show on student accounts until later in the semester. Other institutional fees may also be partially refunded.

I have additional questions that are not answered in these FAQ’s. Who can I contact for more information?

Updated April 13, 2020: For questions not addressed through the Housing FAQs, email or call 404-894-2470. Due to high call and email volume, we will respond within 24-48 hours at the latest. For Georgia Tech communications regarding the coronavirus pandemic, please visit


Time Tickets

StarRez is down, what do I do? 

Updated March 20, 2020: The system is seeing an incredibly high volume, and as such may experience technical difficulties. We have increased its bandwidth and expect functionality to improve. Any resident who wants to alter their move out time to later than Sunday, March 22, is encouraged to wait until then before attempting to change their ticket. 

I changed my time ticket in Star Rez – will I get a confirmation of the change?

Updated March 20, 2020: Yes, but please keep in mind that the system may take a few hours to send your confirmation.

Consolidation Move Logistics

Which halls will be used for consolidating residents? 

Updated April 1, 2020: The buildings being used are all apartment style to maximize social distancing: Maulding, all Eighth Apts, North Avenue North, North Avenue West, GLC, and Tenth and Home.

What health and safety measures are being taken before we move into our new assignments? 

Updated April 1, 2020: In order to maintain social distancing practices, only one person will be assigned to an apartment.  This will allow everyone to have access to their own bathroom, kitchen and living room.  Each of these apartments will be thoroughly cleaned by Housing staff before a resident moves in.  The Housing Custodial staff use a disinfectant that is listed by the Center for Biocide Chemistry as a Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fighting Product.  Housing Custodial staff have been and will continue to clean high touch/commonly touched areas multiple times a day in occupied buildings. 

Can I park near my new hall? 

Updated March 20, 2020: As long as you do not choose a loading zone, service vehicle space, ADA space, or multiple spaces, you can park in any open lot to facilitate a quick move out. Parking and Transportation Services is aware of the unprecedented nature of this move out. Once you have moved, students should contact Parking & Transportation Services at 404-385-7275 to have your lot assignment changed.  

What assistance is available to help me move? 

Updated March 20, 2020: Boxes and tape are still available to residents at this time. Students seeking additional assistance should place a request at and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

How long is the time window for moving out? 

Updated April 13, 2020: The move out time period is two hours from the time given. Whenever possible, we are asking students complete their move within that two-hour window in order to limit the number of people present at any given time. The two-hour window begins at the time stated on your time ticket.

Where do I throw my trash away? 

Updated March 20, 2020: There are large dumpsters placed near halls in their usual locations for move out. Please do not put refrigerators into dumpsters – they should be left in your room for proper disposal.

Dumpster Locations

What if I have stuff to donate? 

Updated March 20, 2020: There are donation boxes placed outside the halls near trash bins. They have a list of acceptable items posted on them.  

I have engaged a company to come collect my belongings. What do I need to do to let Housing know to allow them into my room? 

Updated March 20, 2020: Those students who have hired a moving service should send an email from their official Georgia Tech student email account to that includes:   

  • Your full name   
  • GT ID#  
  • Residence hall and room number
  • The name of the packing/moving/storage company who will collect your belongings for you
  • Stated permission for us to allow them into your room  

We ask that your identified representative move out your belongings at your assigned ticket time. If they are unable to collect your items during your assigned time, please select an alternate time using this link 

I have engaged a company to come collect my belongings. What do I need to do to prepare my belongings for them?

Updated March 20, 2020: Those details should come from your chosen service provider. Georgia Tech does not endorse any service provider and assumes no liability.  

I have moved out and need to drop my key after hours. How do I do that?

Updated March 20, 2020: Please refer to this document for envelope pick-up and key drop off.


Staying on Campus

I am currently living on campus and need to continue living on campus throughout the summer semester. What do I do?

Updated April 13, 2020: As communicated previously, Tech’s summer semester will remain completely online, with the intention of resuming normal operations for the fall semester. For residents who need to remain on campus after May 1, we’d ask that you submit an appeal to live in Georgia Tech Housing for the summer semester, via the email you received. On-campus services will continue to be limited during the summer semester, and while we will do everything possible to allow residents to remain in their current rooms, there is a possibility that we will ask you to further consolidate rooms so that we may complete necessary summer maintenance and facility repair projects. We know that moving some residents to a third room in less than two months is not ideal, and we will work to avoid this scenario as best as possible.

I previously received approval to stay in GT Housing for the spring semester. Is this valid for the summer semester? 

Updated April 13, 2020: We are asking all residents to apply to remain on campus after May 1, 2020, no matter if you were approved to remain on campus through the end of the spring semester. In order to apply to remain on campus, please click the appeal link provided to your Georgia Tech student email account.


Who will be approved to stay after May 1, 2020? 

Updated April 13, 2020: There are many scenarios being considered for requests to stay during the summer semester. Residence Life is working with Student Life and other campus partners in reviewing applications, and those decisions will be sent out within 48 hours of submission, at the latest. 


I want to move off campus after the spring semester ends. What do I do? 

Updated April 13, 2020: For residents that are planning to move out by Friday, May 1—the end of the spring semester—we’d ask that you email with the subject line, “Request to Move Out- COVID-19,” and include your requested move-out date, time, GTID and current room. We will respond within 48 hours with an approved move-out window, taking social distancing requirements into consideration. Boxes and tape will be freely available to assist you with the move-out process.

What residential resources and staff will be available for those who stay? 

Updated April 1, 2020: We will have about 40 RAs on campus to assist with resident needs. They will be placed within our consolidated communities. We look forward to offering virtual opportunities for residents to connect with each other to limit all physical interaction in the halls. We will also have Hall Directors on campus to support residents.  

What campus services are still available for residents?

Updated April 13, 2020: To stay up to date on all services, including hours of operation, virtual opportunities, or contact information, visit