Welcome to Georgia Tech! We’re excited that you’ll be living on campus, and we look forward to sharing all the details you will need as you transition into life at Tech.

News & Events

Before Move-In

  • Visit Items to Bring (and what not to bring).
  • Consider the need for a microwave and refrigerator for your room. Contact your roommate to discuss who will bring what!
  • Check out the Room Specifications page to see what is already in your room.
  • Tour your building and room online.

Freshman Experience check-in sign at an Area Office during move-in.

On Move-In Day

  • If you have questions, call GT Housing at 404.894.2470.
  • To check in, go directly to your Area Office or designated location.
  • PICKING UP YOUR KEY IS CHECKING IN regardless if a student spends the night or is dropping off their belongings. There will be a $75 per night per student additional charge made to your Bursar account for early move-in.
  • Bring your own dolly or hand-truck for a quicker move-in.
  • To assist you in your travel plans, see Move-in Tips and residence hall street addresses as there will be an increase in traffic volume and congestion during this time. 

Get Involved!

Picture of entrance to Brittain Dining Hall

There are many activities, events, and organizations available for you at Georgia Tech. Have fun, meet new friends, and get involved!

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

Freshman Experience Program

Picture of Glenn Hall student winners at a race.

The Freshman Experience Program is a self-selected living option designed to help 1st year residents build a solid personal and academic foundation within the context of a diverse and inclusive community.

The foundation of the Freshman Experience is organic — eating together and living in traditional-style residence halls starts building a strong community among the incoming class.

Items to Bring

Learn what you should bring and what you cannot bring. 

Male student with move-in cart filled with boxes during move-in days.

Move-in Tips

We get asked a lot of questions. We have a lot of answers for you.

GT Move-In sign on campus during move-in.

Living Learning Communities

Picture of students at a Living Learning Community gathering.

Living Learning Communities are an academic strategy that link academics to on-campus living. Each Georgia Tech community is an integrated experience that promotes interactions between faculty and students, fosters collaboration among students, improves student GPA, enhances campus and civic engagement, increases retention, and eases both the academic and social transition to college.