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How do I report a problem?

We prefer you call in your own problems directly to one of our staff at the work reception desk at 404-894-0520, report it directly to your area maintenance supervisor (names and phone numbers located on service boards in main lobby of residence halls) or submit an online request.

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What is our Emergency Response Time?

  • Emergencies - Utilities

Some interruptions or combinations of problems may affect the continual supply of a utility. Almost every utility outage to an entire building can be restored within a few hours. The outage may last into the evening hours or weekends.

When outages begin to go beyond a reasonably short time, we attempt to obtain status information from our own staff. Or, we will try to obtain status information from the GT Physical Plant if a problem is with the off-campus utility companies or GT physical plant systems.

Occasionally, we are unable to receive the best status information but will pass along what we have. Please ask your Residence Life Coordinator for updates, and they’ll keep you informed.

Some problems with water and electricity originate off-campus, and the campus must wait as the public utilities respond to all their problems in the Atlanta area.

When possible, notices will be posted in the halls and at our Web site ( or passed through the residence life coordinators for planned, scheduled outages.

  • All Other Emergency Services

During regular shifts and even off-hour shifts, we respond to a number of situations, which threaten property or safety. Our response time will vary depending on current workload.

Factors that affect response time include the number of other repairs waiting and the number of staff available on the shift.

Routine Work requests received today are given to our shops as quickly as possible but no later than the start of the next workday. These become part of the workload each section is assigned. Our section supervisors prioritize work daily so that residents receive the best, most timely services as resources permit.

At the start of each semester, repairs frequently take longer when most residents choose to report problems.

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What is our response time to maintenance requests?

Response times for maintenance problems vary according to the nature of the problem and when the problem occurs. After the initial rush of reported problems that occur during fall opening, the following generalizations may be made.

  1. Emergency:
    Emergencies are addressed using the next available staff, or within the same day/24 hour period. Emergency Problems include: no power, no heat, no a/c, resident locked out, no water, person stuck in elevator, flood, no lights at all.

  2. Routine:
    Routine problems will normally be addressed within the week with most problems being resolved within two days. Routine problems include: pipe drip, clogged sink/toilet, clogged shower/tub, insects in rooms, windows stuck/jammed, garbage disposal, and/or lock core changes.

  3. Minor:
    We try to resolve our minor problems with planned work. These items may take several weeks or longer to repair. Minor problems include: missing insect screens, vending machines, site lighting, furniture esthetic damage, cracked/broken mirrors, closet problems, toilet paper holders, and/or loose toilet partitions.

  4. Long-Term:
    Long-Term problems can be delayed until semester breaks, next summer, or programmed upgrade. Items include: large scale room / area painting, exterior painting, carpet replacement, sidewalk repairs, ceiling tile repairs, and/or large scale furniture reupholstery.

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Can I loft my bed?

Lofts may not be constructed or erected in any residence hall room. However, some rooms do contain beds that can be arranged in multiple configurations. Traditional and Suite style beds will allow multiple configurations while Apartment style does not.

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How do I improve the indoor air quality of my room?

The list of items to bring for residents' stay at includes items some residents need to decide on for their personal indoor air quality needs. These include humidifiers, HEPA air cleaners, ionizers and dehumidifiers which all require proper operation and service/maintenance in accordance with manufactures recommendations to be most effective

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What services are not provided?

  • Orthopedic backboards

  • Curtain rods & curtains in student rooms

  • Installing locks on bi-fold closet or wardrobe doors

  • Storage of personal property

  • Removal & storage of institute room furniture

  • Repairs to personal property

  • Running new electrical service into existing rooms

  • Telephone jack installation

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When are the community bathrooms cleaned?

During each normal workday, housekeeping staff enters community bathrooms in traditional halls at least once to clean and disinfect the plumbing fixtures and shower areas. Once a week a thorough cleaning is scheduled and additional tasks may be performed.

We will post a sign on each bathroom door indicating the hours when it will be closed due to cleaning.

Bathrooms are closed to avoid injury to residents while we clean.

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What is the cost for damaging something?

(Prices are subject to change.)

According to the Housing Contract, residents are responsible for the condition of their room and any shared spaces. The following is a listing of items in a room or apartment and the associated costs to repair or replace them.

Air Conditioner Covers
$75.00 - $300.00 $70.00
Fan Coil Unit

Blinds - Standard

Blinds - Large

Cabinets - Doors $50.00 $100.00

Card Holders - Doors - Brass

Card Holders - Doors - Apt

Card Holders - Doors - Plastic 2 Card

Card Holders - Doors - Plastic 4 Card

Card Holders - Doors - Name Tag 2 person

Card Holders - Doors - Name Tag 4 person

Card Holders - Doors - Name Tag 7 person

Card Holders - Room Signage

Carpet - Bedroom

Carpet - Common Space

Carpet - 4 person
Ceiling per sq ft $50.00

Ceiling, Tiles 12"x12"

Ceiling, Tiles 2'x2'

Ceiling, Tiles 2'x4'

Cleaning - Apt/Suite Bathroom (light/heavy)

Cleaning - Apt Kitchen (light/heavy)

Cleaning - Dusting

Cleaning - Floors

Cleaning - Furniture Upholstery (1st cushion/+ each additional)

Cleaning - Walls (light/heavy)

$240.00 $75.00/$40.00
$430.00 $50.00/$100.00
Door Closers $50.00 $175.00

Closer Arm $50.00 $75.00

Panic Devices $50.00/$100.00 $375.00

Panic Strikes $35.00 $75.00

Electronic Strikes $55.00 $275.00

Door Locks $75.00 $250.00

Door Locks - Strike $25.00

Door Locks - Bent key $25.00

Door Locks - Recore
$100 apts/suites
$50.00 traditionals

Electrical - Outlet

Electrical - Outlet cover

Electrical - Exit Signs

Electrical - Light Covers - Hall/ Rm

Electrical - Light Covers - Bathroom

Electrical - Light Switch

Electrical - Phone/data Jack Cover

Fire Protection System - Extinguisher $40.00 $85.00

Fire Protection System - Cabinet Class

Fire Protection System - Pull Stations

Fire Protection System - Smoke/Heat Det.

Fire Protection System - Ionization Smoke Det.

Fire Protection System - Photo Elec. Smoke Det

Fire Protection System - Audio/visual Alarms (horn & Strobe)

Fire Protection System - Audio Alarms (horn only)

Fire Protection System - Smoke Det. Battery Powered

Floor Tiles

Furniture - Improperly arranged $30.00

Furniture - Reassemble $30.00 - $100.00

Furniture - Beds - Wood end

Furniture - Beds - Metal end

Furniture - Beds - Stabilizer

Furniture - Beds - Metal Frame

Furniture - Beds - Metal Bed

Furniture - Chairs 1 Position

Furniture - Chairs 2 Position

Furniture - Chairs 3 Position

Furniture - Desks 3 Drawer

Furniture - Desks Other

Furniture - Book Carrel

Furniture - Night Stand

Furniture - Storage Box

Furniture - Wardrobe

Furniture - Wardrobe Shelf

Furniture - Wardrobe Door

Furniture - Wardrobe Mirror

Mattress $46.00 $150.00

Mirror - Wall Mount

Mirror - Wardrobe

Plumbing - Kitchen Sink

Plumbing - Bath Sink

Plumbing - Faucet - Bath Sink

Plumbing - Faucet - Kitchen Sink

Plumbing - Shower Head

Plumbing - Toilet

Plumbing - Toilet Seat

Plumbing - Toilet Paper Dispenser

Plumbing - Towel Rack

Trash Cans - Student

Trash Cans - Kitchen Square

Trash Cans - Kitchen Round

Screens- East Campus $25.00

Screens- West Campus $25.00

Screens- Bug

Screens - Security $50.00 $300.00 - $600.00

Walls - Per Sq Ft $35.00
Walls - Paint Bedroom - Traditional

Walls - Paint Living Room - Suite

Windows - Sill $25.00

Windows - Glass

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How do I help keep GT Housing buildings safe?

Building security is a responsibility we share with each resident. Your personal choices can do as much (if not more) to jeopardize the safety of building occupants as our actions can while we attempt to do work. Follow simple common sense and don't let people you don't know into your building, and don't try to slip into other halls without a key since it's both against housing rules and sends the message that tail-gating (following behind people not known to you) is okay.

  • Lock your doors
  • Carry your keys
  • Don’t prop doors open
  • Keep a record of serial numbers for electronics
  • Sigh the back of your ATM card
  • Avoid leaving laundry unattended in laundry room
  • For more information visit:

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How does housing staff keep the buildings safe?

  • Only residents of a building, authorized university personnel, and agents of the university are permitted beyond the exterior entrance doors, locked interior doors and elevators. Employees shall take appropriate and reasonable actions to prevent access to residence halls by unauthorized individuals.

  • Employees who observe security breaches and policy violations should take appropriate action based on their specific observations, judgement and assessment of the situation or problem.

  • Access to resident living areas is permitted only by the resident(s) assigned to occupy an individual bedroom, suite or apartment, their invited guests and visitors, and authorized staff. Employees shall assure that their actions do not facilitate or provide access to any unauthorized individuals.

  • Each employee shall assure that the activities of guests, visitors and/or agents of the university for whom he or she is responsible are consistent with residence hall security policies and practices.

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How do I report a crime?

Call the campus police, 404-894-2500, to report any crime in the residence halls. Provide them with details, facts and suspicions you have. Be as clear as you or your floormates can be in responsibly describing the person seen on the floor, including physical description, clothing, tools, and other distinguishing features. You should also notify your community staff as well.

As an additional security measure both the GT police and housing owns and periodically uses hidden close circuit TV cameras and other surveillance devices in and around our residence halls. We have neither the desire nor the capability to be the “big brother” that watches you, but periodically, surveillance is used to deter and sometimes catch possible thieves and other security threats. This paragraph fulfills the regulatory requirements that these premises are periodically monitored and will allow use of closed circuit TV and other device records to be used in courts as evidence.

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How do I identify facilities staff?

All Housing Facilities employees must carry a GT Buzzcard. Staff who are not provided with a uniform are required to display an ID tag at all times.

Student staff of Residential Facilities are not issued uniforms and are expected to display their nametag when in the residence halls.

Most but not all of our full-time front line service staff receive and wear a blue, gray or brown Housing Facilities uniform. Supervisors have black pants and white polo shirts. For other campus service staff, and most outside contractors, a combination of standard uniforms and / or ID cards is expected.

If you approach your hall and see people who appear to be our staff or other campus staff near the entrance door, don't hold the door open for them. Let them sign-out entrance keys and use them.

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Do I need personal property insurance?

Accidental fire and flooding or theft and vandalism can cause damage to or loss of your possessions. What if:

  • you drop your laptop and crack the screen?
  • your cell phone is stolen?
  • you want to travel abroad?

Steps should be taken to protect your electronics, clothes, books, bike, identity and more.                                                                                                                                                 

Georgia Tech strongly encourages students to secure insurance coverage for personal belongings either through their parent’s/guardian’s homeowners insurance company or with a separate renter's policy. For more information please visit: .

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