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Information for Parents

A Note to the Parents

Remember, as young adults, students have to begin learning to be their own best advocates. Often, parents want to jump in and solve basic problems their student may be experiencing. We recommend giving advice, but allowing the student to work on things first. He or she must develop these coping and problem solving skills to master the Tech environment. When you get the inevitable call or email, please remember to direct your student to the resources available--the PL or RA on their floor, the Dean of Students, the Student Health Center or other agency. Teaching the difference between a problem and an emergency will serve him or her better than calling an office yourself.

With few exceptions, Georgia Tech students are at least 18 years of age. As such they are considered adults by both law and practice. We work to create a living environment where students can grow and develop. Part of this maturation process involves "testing limits and boundaries." Our judicial process certainly takes this into account. However, an adult student is expected to be responsible for his or her actions. The Housing contract is signed by the student. All policies and procedures outlined within it and our Community and Services Guide apply to the student.

Because Georgia Tech is a state and federally funded institution, we must follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which prohibits the Department of Housing from releasing any but the most basic "directory" information about a student with out the student's written permission. This applies to family members. Housing administrative staff will use their best judgment about discussing roommates, finances, complaints or other problems without the student's permission. In the case of dire emergency, we may choose to speak to family members. We do know this is frustrating (it is for us, too) but we have very little "wiggle room" on this law.

Questions & Answers

We understand the pride and anxiety parents feel at leaving their sons and daughters at college. Georgia Tech has been housing students for many years, and we know the topics about which parents are most concerned. Most questions can be answered by the information on our website. Listed below are some quick links to find the answers to your questions. If you still can't find what you were looking for, feel free to email us at or give our office a call at 404.894.2470.

Important Dates Rates Safety
Move In & Out Room Amenities & What to Bring RHA Linen Packages

Please don't forget to check out our
FAQ page either!

University Resources for Parents

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Registrar - FAQ for Parents FASET Orientation
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Study Abroad Program
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Success @ Georgia Tech Post Office
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